Madhubala 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th March 2014 Written Update

(Missed a bit at the start)

AK asks Tamanna where she is going? She fakes that she is flying back ..and AK says so early? She then says going to an aunts place! AK asks the matter and Tamanna says.. ur getting married n din tell me? AK gets Madhus call ..cuts it n says… announced marriage. .din marry yet

Bebe puts ghunghat on Madhu n says so happy for the wedding.. n asks why r u not looking happy? Madhu says a bit worried.. Radha is all .. n she takes all decisions for me.. n today in my lifes biggest decision .. i said yes ..but din ask Radha! Tried to tell AK but he is not receiving call..! Bebe is delighted n says.. ur sanksar is so good.. but not to worry we will sort it out…
Radha is having breathing trouble and nurse goes to call Doc…

Bebe says..

she will happily accept this and bless u both ..! Doc says infection .. get oxygen ..! Bebe says once ur dida is ok ..will go to Mathura with shagun myself..

AK arrives at Madhus home in the chawl with shagun … Lela is confused..! AK arrives n says no damad comes to his in laws place empty handed! Lela is delighted n welcomes him … n says astrologer said.. that when Sweetie grows up .. will rule…

AK says this shagun is for Madhu …

Part 2

Lela asks what? U wanna marry Madhu? She wont agree

AK says i know but life and movies work when they have unexpected turns..! If this shagun is rejected… Laxmi wont come in ur house..!

Lela asks for time to think and AK says.. every offer has an expiry date… and this offer is valid for 7 days… and u can sing.. ‘Ulti pad gai chal ..hath se gaya maal’ and Lela says ‘than than gopal’

Lela asks what to do? AK says send Madhu to me ..after 7 days..

Part 3

AK says in return will fill ur life with money … n Lela is imagining of money raining on her ..

He gives gifts to Sweetie and Lela and they are blinded with greed..! Lela assures this wedding is on .. n will happen when u want! AK says good! AK says get ready coz after 7 days .. there will be such a loud celebration that the whole world will shake ..

Madhu looks at her bangles and recollects the events ..

She reaches home n finds shagun stuff there.. ! Sweetie tells Madhu .. AK had come ..! Lela is happy n says this is a reality!

Lela says ur so lucky … and all will be delighted .. Bittu and Radha! Madhu says if Radha finds out …who AK is then … she wont agree!

Precap —- AK tells Madhu love ur simplicty ..and so wanna marry u! Madhu says..cant marry u so fast! AK says will marry in three days and marry u only! Madhu is shocked…!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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