Madhubala 27th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 27th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Marathe says.. RK tried to kill him.. coz of few words he used. .then how can he control his anger in front of the man with whom his wife had a relation!

Madhu says..its a lie.. n there is nothing between her n Sultan n RK knows! She says RK is innocent..n Sultan only wanted to kill RK to get her! She says.. the matter is of right or wrong… and truth or lie.. n Marathe is not telling whole truth!

Marathe says..gave proof of RKs temperamental issue …n that he cant control himself in how can he control in front of Sultan? This proves its murder..! Marathe asks for stringent punishment for RK rich people are taught a lesson!

Patil says..what happened in past.. has no relation to the scene of crime..! He reiterates it being a self defense..

n not murder..! He says .. Marathes irritation with Celebs is proven here… n asks to release RK!

Judge says verdict will be pronounced after two days … as its complicated ..! Gives 2 days to Patil .. to gather evidence.. n orders to shift RK to Central Prison!

Madhu breaksdown..and rushes to RK who is led away..! Bittu asks Madhu to control herself as he applied for anticipatory bail ..! Madhu tells Marathe.. that he trapped her.. without caring for its affect.. on others…! She says.. if he could keep personal liking/disliking away..can see RK is innocent..! Marathe says..that..she will pay for this.. a small price.. he will get RK such a punishment. .she will have nothing left..!

Madhu asks Bittu to get a lawyer who can stand up to Marathe! Dips says.. she ruined RKs case..why blame lawyer! Madhu says..its her hubbys case.. so open mouth when asked n if she doesnt wanna help ..better not n not give free advise..! Madhu says..she will set things right n asks her to leave!

Madhu asks Bittu to contact all influential people who can help them..! She asks to arrange her visit to RK! Madhu reassures Radha n says.. RK cant bear tears in her eyes.. n she will fight.. n win!

Madhu tells RK m sorry n RK fumes.. saying cant believe..she did this? She was preaching about going on right path n she? Madhu says..she din go to bribe..he asked for bribe n she got scared to lose him so. .did this! Madhu says.. mistake. .n RK says.. it messed all up .. case is weakened now..! Madhu says.. she can lose herself not him..! RK says..she has done what she had no need to take any wrong steps.. in she better stay away.. from it.. n let Bittu handle!

Madhu is on her way home ..n driver takes from other route..! Madhu recollects Marathes trap..! Driver says breakdown ..n goes to get water…!

Madhu is waiting on the road.. starts raining n Madhu rushes under a shed..! She hears noise n turns to see but doesnt see anyone! Someone is watching her..! She turns n its SULTAN!

Part 2

Madhu says..saw u falling..! Sultan says.. eyes are cheaters.. she saw a cold body n thot its him Sultan says.. her eyes din do justice to her.. He says.. what truth or lie… same height. .same face ..n same.. symbols ..same thread… ! He says must not have forgotten his voice.. this whose dream she comes!

Madhu says Sultan? Sultan says fall in love with name when she takes it! Madhu says.. RK shot him n Sultan says.. ‘Interval tha.. us goli ki awaz se..jahan RK ki zindagi khatam aur meri shuru’!

Part 3

Sultan says.. his story began with the call … the one he did to her.. coz he knew She will tell all to RK ! Sultan says.. then knew RK would come..n says.. laid a trap for RK n he came ..! Sultan says.. so for next twist.. irritated him …and fought.. ! He says. .every move was planned n then she came as he expected..!

Sultan says last step.. his CHALAVA . .biggest twist of the story .. picking up the gun ..n RK attacking him ..n shooting …! Madhu says RKs bullet hit him n Sultan says blank shot.. He says they came to see where he fell. .but before that… he fell in the river n disappeared..!

Madhu says pistol was RKs.. how blank catridge? Sultan says.. done away with the gun coz its said… Sultan jab bhi koi plan banata hai.. to sari kayanat use kamyab banane ke liye jut jati hai .. ! Sultan says ..wanted to show her.. there is no diff between RK-Sultan n he wanted to show her .. man becomes animal n animal becomes man!

Sultan says. .knew RK would feel guilty firing the gun shot n his ghamand n success all will be burnt..! Madhu shocked..!

Precap —- Madhu turns to leave n Sultan holds her hand n pulls her close n says.. HE IS BACK .. her SULTAN who loves her.. is back ..n he tries to close in on Madhu ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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