Madhubala 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 27th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu wonders if she will get her advance and prays to PK .. to keep AK in good mood! Madhu decides to approach AK when Nikhil tells Director that AK wont do the its real pillar ..!

AK says he will do it..Nikhil tries to dissuade him but AK resists..! Director is delighted..! Nikhil gets call from other producer and goes to talk! Madhu decides to check on AK … n offers protein shake.. n he gives his moby to her to keep! Madhu wonders the matter! AK is doing his stunt…runs n climbs jeep .. n starts to remove the pillar …! He injures his already injured finger n it starts bleeding..! AK finishes the shoot perfectly ..! All clap..! Bebe calls to check on AK ..n Madhu says.. he is in bad mood.. doesnt wanna talk..!
Bebe leaves message with

Madhu pass to AK .. not to rush things..Pam asks for oil to massage her hair n Bebe offers to squeeze her neck.. which she pokes everywhere! Pam says headache! Bebe says.. worrying about AK quitting..?!Bebe compares Pam to a dog.. n she fumes …! Bebe says.. AK wont turn his back on all of u..! AK looks at a pic of his and Harshvardhan n rues.. its 20 yrs of pain .. getting all after losing u …! He wonders what to do .. for Annies condition ..!Madhu says dun rush .. n says got first aid for u…! She keeps blabbering saying how all wounds need to be healed.. else it turns into something serious..!AK says.. all overheard things? Madhu says yes.. but they are true.. push pain away .. n live away..! AK says to arrange a press conference! Madhu says have something urgent to talk to ..but AK says later..!Pam fumes on Annie n says i lost a hubby ..! Harshvardhan will feel horrible about how he gave his life n now Annie has ruined it all ..! Pam says 2 years till AK’s wedding .. if he doesnt marry .. all his property will be mine.. n thats for all of our benefit..!

Part 2

Pam prays that all she planned works out . .n nothing goes wrong with her plan..!Media wonders why AK has called press conf all of a sudden? They ask Madhu but she says.. no idea..!Madhu notices that there are 10 missed calls from Shruti .! She calls n finds out that Radha is unwell and in hosp.!

Part 3

Madhu assures to send money soon! She talks to Doc.. who assures treatment has been started.. but money is required …! AK thanks press n tells press that.. he has decided that he is done playing characters.. now..! All are shocked…!

Precap — Bebe is unwell n  tells AK to get married.. ! AK agrees! Pam is shocked..!

Update Credit to: Arm4eva

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