Madhubala 26th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 26th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK taunts Madhu for not caring about the film ..his money . else she wont have left it all and focussed on rituals! RK says told u ..u can either be.. a wife or a heroine..! U cant play all characters at the same time!

Radha interrupts and says..she mite be heroine but she is ur wife first! Its her fast today..! RK tells everyone that ur adarshwadi bahu has broken her fast already by eating in a scene! All are shocked and Madhu is upset!

Roma interrupts and says.. u deliberately put that scene.. urself..whats her mistake? Radha asks if Madhu broke fast? Madhu stays mum ..! Radha walks off from there! RK asks Madhu if she is ready to come with him or gonna flood this place as Atlantic Ocean? Madhu says shoot starts in half hour.. lets go!

Dips says i was gonna

tell all but RK burst firecrackers himself..! Pabho says..this is called heating up the iron and hitting it repeatedly!

RK asks Madhu to get ready.. ! Madhu says was gonna tell Radha about the scene.. why did he tell ?? Madhu says u did wrong! RK says time for shoot! Madhu says..would have taken only 5 mins.. to fulfill ritual .. and come back to shoot! RK says. .by fooling him..she went home ..and hurt him and expects him to understand? Madhu says.. tumne mujhse jhoot kaha.. aur mujhe taklif pahuchai.. in turn i told Radha the truth.. scores evened! Madhu is shocked and hurt! Asks if this is the status of our relation?

RK says gotta save my energy. ..go get ready..!!

Roma tells Madhu to eat something… ! Madhu says..wont eat nor drink water till RK opens my fast ! Roma says.. this wont happen..! Madhu says .. what RK did was wrong.. n i din break fast.. so wont break this now! Roma says RK is biggest stubborn person.. n Madhu says am not less!

Mehul asks if there will be bin badal barsat? Madhu says have a suggestion . KarwaChauth..! Mehul says its too small scene! Madhu says listen to my suggestion! Mehul likes it..and tells RK we have a twist in the KC scene.. we will have Anamika fulfill KC fast in the scene..! Madhu n Mehul says yes! RK says.. Anamika is modern..doesnt believe all this! Anamika says and Karan is a traditional guy.. so when Anamika will keep fast.. we can see depth of their love! Mehul insists..!!

During the shoot .. RK says dun believe in this..and Madhu says.. u have to do for the shoot ..else its unprofessional..! Mehul asks if we are shooting? Madhu says.. sorry!

Scene starts.. RK has to explain Madhu all the steps..of KC and Madhu does.. Madhu does all the steps of KC .. BG- Hue Bawre..!

Part 2

RK breaks Madhus fast!

Mehul says..u proved that ur RKs wife.. in full madness! Mehul says but i wont help u everytime..! Mehul says.. u keep fast for that man.. who hurts u.. ?? Madhu is taken aback.. he smiles and says go home!

Part 3

On the way RK is driving ..and Madhu n he are quiet!

RK switches FM and it plays Baho ke darmiya.. ! Madhu is happy ..! RK fumes..switches off the radio! Madhu says let it play.. so many memories.. its about our Studio KC nite! RK says dun believe in all this crap..!! Madhu says what wrong i did? RK says u just wanna fight.. n win . settle scores about afternoon lunch scene!

RK asks Madhu .. cant u come out of ur wife role?? Cant take a break even for a moment? Madhu says no. .n dun want to! Madhu says being Mrs. RK is my identity and RK says.. even if it weighs more over ur own identity? Good ..very good!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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