Madhubala 26th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 26th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Shammo asks Ballu to leave Madhu n he says..its family matter.. he is the father not Shammo.! Paddo to begs.. to leave her in name of God n Ballu says..this speed post is going to be delivered at Gods address..! Paddo asks Ballu to leave Madhu or else! Ballu says..he is still Paddos hubby .. legally..! Radha offers money n begs.. to Ballu to spare Madhu! He says.. Radhas hands are tied how can she beg! Madhu says.. nothing can happen to her.. coz .. Ballu will meet death at RKs hand..!

Goons tell RK that its not a film. .theres no stuntmen here n RK says.. he does his own stunts. .n they start attacking RK! RK fights Ballu says.. yeah like he will fly down n kill! RK gets hit at the back of his head n then beaten by rods …!

Ballu tells all to talk to Madhu one last time n take one last pic a memory! He says.. he has arranged entertainment for Madhu till the hanging.. but she has to see from balcony! The goons walk off leaving an unconscious RK!

Group of dancers appear n they dance on ‘Gazar ne kiya hai ishara’! Madhu says..she is sure of him . ..his love.. her love for him .. she is SURE n RK says MADHU n wakes up! He beats the goons! Ballu tries to move the chair on which Madhu is standing He dances with the group of dancers..!

Ballu says.. he is hungry. so better end all this by killing her..! Paddo screams..! Ballu fires shot at the chair..! Madhu says.. RK PLEASE COME! RK makes an entry with the bike..! Ballu says.. DRAMEBAAZ! RK says.. Ballu should have asked if RK had dates. .before fixing his appointment with DEATH! or Bittu would have said..he is so buzy.. there is no time to die.. ! Ballu says..this is real life encounter not shooting!

Ballu asks why put hand in lions mouth n he says.. RKs hand.. so will pull both life and tongue out! RK warns Ballu before approaching Madhu! Ballu fires a missile-like-bullet towards RK! Madhu screams . .but RK manages to survive n jumps over the fire..! Another shot blows up RK! Madhu screams.. RK n asks him to get up! Ballu kicks RK! Madhu n Radha scream…! Madhu says.. Hauslo se..

Part 2

Ballu asks them to keep Maun-vrat for departed soul n Madhu says.. RK will get up …! All say UTHO .. UTHO n finally RK gets up..! RK – Madhu eyelock ..! Ballu asks why is she smiling n he turns n is shocked to see RK! RK catches hold of Ballus neck n his men try to free him.. n they manage..! Balllu fires the bullet and Madhus chair breaks.. she is hanging.. n RK fights goons n runs to her n supports her..! All beat up RK but he bears all the beating..!

Ballu comes n tries to remove RKs hand from supporting Madhu .. but RK grabs his neck ..! He manages to free Madhu n she bears beatings on his behalf.. ! RK is furious n he beats Ballu n his men..!

Part 3

RK beats Ballu ..! Ballu fakes having passed out ! RK takes out Ballus sword but Madhu says.. NO n stops him! Both Rishbala ask if the other is ok n hug! Cops arrive .. n goons flee! Ballu takes the cops gun n places on Madhus head..! Paddo says.. NO ..! Ballu points gun on Madhu n then shot is fired..! There is blood on Madhus forehead!

Precap — Madhu turns n sees gunshot on Ballus forehead n its Paddo holding the gun..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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