Madhubala 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Harshvardhans barsi havan is going on..! All family is gathered in hall..! Pandit says havan is over! Bebe thanks Pandit for the havan! He takes leave..! AK calls out to Annie and asks tell me what do u want? AK says dun stay quiet today.. say what u want to and end it..! AK swears on the havan agni give Annie whatever she wants..! AK says want the fire in our bond to calm down. .to bring peace in this house..!

Madhu is pacing in her room and wonders ..what to do.. where to get money in advance? She wonders who to talk to! She decides to talk to Radha to feel better! Radha is coufing..! Madhu asks her if she is ok? If Sushma-Shruti are near her? Radha says all is well..! She says.. dunno. .why i couf whenever u call ..! Madhu says missing u! Radha says me too . .miss

u always..  think how u r. .where u r! Madhu is teary eyed n says.. am fine! Radha asks then why ur stammering? Radha says.. i feel ur in pain ..what happened? Madhu hides her pain n says not in any pain! Radha says.. if u keep pain in ur heart. it will make u feel sad..! Learn to tell the truth.. it will give u courage to face all future storms! Madhu asks.. can i do it? Radha says. ur parents.. me.. we fought all storms and managed to float above..! She thanks Radha for the voice of confidence! Madhu is happy and says. .. have to give advance. .so will go ask only ..!

AK says waiting for ur answer Annie… just say it and end it..! Annie asks what is this? Hurry to finish off ur guilt or worry about my demand! Annie says.. firstly ..stop this drama on dads barsi.. n if u want to.. then change urself.. ! AK says.. tell me clearly what u want? Annie says.. leave this film line.. and stardom..! All are shocked..! AK is quiet! Annie asks why staring blankly? Told u ..leave this stardom ..and live like a normal person ..whom no one knows…! Annie asks him to throw away the crown of stardom ..for which my dad had to give up his life..! Annie asks AK ..can u do it? AK is speechless..! Nikhils phone rings.. and he says.. scheduler called and wants to know about shoot today..! Nikhil leaves from there! Pam asks Annie to come with her in the room. .n that this is not right time to talk about this! Annie says.. it is right time.. this fire is not for paying respect to dad but to quench AKs guilt.. ! Annie says.. we lost a lot for AK .. ! He is lost in superstardom for 364 days and for 1 day.. acts like he cares for dad..! Never seen a more shameless person! Bebe tells Annie.. enouf.. u spoke a lot..! Bebe says.. u r saying AK .. is busy in his stardom for 364 days.. he goes to earn money for us all..! Annie says.. the money he earns has spots of dads blood..! Bebe says … whenever u talk . .u spit venom .. it hurts.. u lost ur dad.. i lost my son ..! Pam says enouf. .come inside..! Annie asks. .why do u silence me always? Do i not have right to talk? Annie says.. everyone gives importance to AKs pain ..what about my pain . .that i live with for 24hours? Annie says.. i dun feel the pain alone.. Pam feels it too ..! Annie rues that still remember when Pam broke her mangalsutra…! She says.. see the emptiness in Pam’s eyes always..! Annie says.. despite being the elder of this house.. u failed. u only see AK and his pain …his fake tears..! Annie says.. u dun see Pams vacant eyes.. nor .. my heartache… but everytime its about AK .. AK .. AK..! Annie tells AK … speak out… can u leave all this? ur identity? Nikhil asks Annie what she is doing? On this day? Nikhil says.. please stop all this ..! Nikhil says.. producer has prepared a special set up .. for this scene. .it will cause loss to him .. if we  dun go to shoot..! Bebe tells AK to go to shoot..! Pam reassures him too ..and says.. focus on ur work..!Annie says knew AK will react like this..! Pam says enouf .. stop it..! Annie says why? Like everytime .. AK din pay heed to my words and left..! Bebe tells Annie that i know u wont listen to me. .but .. fact is.. my son and ur dad died coz of heartattack.. AK din do anything..! She says. .all this poison u have in ur heart.. if of no use ..! Nothing will happen! Bebe-Ayesha walk off..!

Part 2

Lela asks Madhu if she cut onions. n cooked dal .. made salad? Madhu says yes and kept lime water too! Lela says.. wow whats the matter today? She calls Madhu to bring water for her..! Madhu rushes out n says.. kept in front of u. .! Lela says.. pick it up and give to me..! Madhu is about to leave..! Bittu comes and asks not taking leave today? Lela asks why? Ur a kamchor n she will become like u..! Bittu says keep quiet! Bittu says its ur parents barsi..! Lela says so? Will announce matam in the city? Lela says.. we are alive.. n need money .. n for that she has to go to work! Bittu fumes! Lela says.. what i say .. is true…! Madhu says.. Lela is right.. just got a job…cant take leave! Bittu says..whatever u deem fit! Lela asks.. what i told u in the morning . .remember that? Madhu says yes. .will talk to boss about it..! She leaves from there!

Part 3

AK is troubled.. as he is sitting in is chair…! He notices his injured finger and recollects the events .. n Annies demand..! He recollects how Harshvardhan.. always supported and cheered him up ..! How on Rakhi .. as a child Annie refused to tie rakhi on his hand ..! AK recollects how Annie has hated him since childhood. n if its the last chance to mend things with her..! He wonders what to do…! Madhu comes and notices him being all troubled..!

Precap — AK is shooting action scene.. ! He is wearing denims and black vest..! Madhu – Nikhil and director all watch the intense shoot..! AKs injured finger starts bleeding..! Madhu is shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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