Madhubala 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 26th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

AD comes n tells Dips shot is ready Madhu walks out n Dips says.. THIS GIRL IS SOMETHING

Shot begins.. Dips in seductive mode.. dancing on ‘Muskaan jhooti hai’ RK sitting at the restaurant… in the shoot!

Dips keeps touching RK n he looks at Madhu who looks away..! Dips keeps clinging on to RK … RK keeps looking at Madhu n Madhu keeps looking away.. She finally walks off!

Dir praises her n she says.. BEST Deserves BEST .. aka HEROs movie deserves best..! She clings on to RK n he says…dir said CUT .. so dun stretch! Dips says.. their pair created fire in heart.. n will create onscreen n RK says..she is bulb.. who can be switched off. .n Dips says..better than Bulb n RK says..tubelight.. or whatever cheesy stuff..better be stuck in Sikkys room!


gets caps of RK n herself n flaunts to Madhu..! She asks Madhu her thoughts on Dips-RK jodi aka chemistry..! She says..this is real RK! Madhu says..its the REAL RK who uses people… n she knows better! Dips asks.who danced with RK? closed in… n will leave with him… .SHE.. but Madhu has no relation with RK.. nothing!

Dips tells Madhu that a horse might not win..race but only races won by horses are remembered not a donkeys hardwork! Madhu is climbing the stairs at the chawl n keeps getting flashbacks of RK-Dips and Dips words..! Trish calls out!

Madhu rues…what is she doing? Trish says.. not all is lost.. so fight can go on! She says.. life is like films releasing on Friday.. it will keep changing..! Trish asks Madhu what she will do if RK wants to come back n Madhu says she HATES RK!

Madhu says .. her heart is in pieces n Trish asks what if RK wants to mend it?? Madhu says.. a broken glass…cannot be mended n if it is.. there will be a crack in it for life! Trish asks..what if RK begs for forgiveness.. n Madhu says..she can never trust RK ever again! Trish asks her to stay firm!

Part 2

At dinner at the mansion .. Radha asks Dips about the shoot .. n RK tries to avert… Sikky is shocked too…! Radha asks why Dips din tell her about the shoot?? Dips tries to explain n RK cut out the Saas-Bahu drama!

He asks for Tali hui Gobi sabzi but Radha avoids ..! RK gets up n leaves!

Part 3

Next day.. RK-Dips comes together on the shoot! Bittu is there too..! Dips calls for makeup n hair.. n its some new girl!

RK smirks.. u lost Madhubala Shamsher Malik

Precap — Radha calls Bittu n RK takes the phone from Bittu n says.. Hauslo se veer.. Jali hui kheer.. hai lapata .. aaj Meri Maa..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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