Madhubala 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu spits out the food ..! RK comes to check on her..! Madhu stays mum..! Madhu says ur movies heroine has completed her scene can she go home? RK says stop it.. doing all this coz i care..!!

Madhu says.. if ur done. .can i take leave? She starts to walk and RK stops her by her arm..and he says how dare u talk to me like this? Madhu says not interested to stay back after shoot! RK says.. who told u shoot is over? We are doing double shift.. schedule has changed.. as in i changed it..! He says sometimes..not us but scheduled has to change as per us!

Madhu says RK . .n RK says.. Mr. Rishabh Kundra… who has rights to change anything anytime! He walks off! Madhu fumes!

RK says we will compensate for the cancelled shoots! Mehul says no problem..! RK says..

extra money for extra shot..! Mehul asks Madhu if she is ok? Madhu says.. ready to do anything for films good!

Roma comes to Madhu and Madhu is wearing traditional wear and she says.. this is not ur wadrobe.. ! Madhu says.. dun have time to change so..! Roma says..u know RK! Madhu says..why not? Already being mashed between two worlds ..there should be a way out..! Roma says.. have an idea.. go home.. and till then RK can do his solo shoots! Madhu says.. will do worship there..and bring thala-channi here to break fast!

Roma tells Mehul that Madhu needs 2 hours as her dress is not fitting her! RK says..if she thinks we will cancel shoot for her. .no ways! He says.. will can my solo shoots till then! Roma says..she will be back by then.. as in the dress..!

Pabho greets guests.. and praises a working professional for never compromising on family for work..! Radha overhears the convo and fumes some more!

Sikky tells Kuku …dunno how women can be hungry whole day? Am dying in half day! Dips says.. kept a fast coz. .dun trust Dips…she can eat anything .. n God can eat my lifeline! Kuku asks hungry. .serve u ur fave.. A SLAP ..!

Dips says..lets start the puja.. moon will be out..soon! Pabho asks about Madhu n she is mum! Pabho fumes about Madhu .. n says this world is such where relations and rituals dun matter! She says even if Madhu comes .. will take half n hour for shoot! Roma says.. nothing like that.. ur bahu is here.. all decked up! Roma tells Radha ur daughter in law is a super bahu ..and superstar.. there was lot of work at set.. but Madhu still came ..!

Moon is out..

Pabho says.. RK din come. .dun think he will come.. n without him this puja wont be complete!

RK is shooting and there he is dialling Madhus number … no answer..! RK looks at Madhus pic and says know am wrong but truth is i love u loads!

RK says .. Ziddi to bahut ho tum Biwi .. par Ziddi main bhi kum nahi..!!

Part 2

KC puja is underway .. RK comes to Madhus room to apologise but finds her missing! He asks spot..! He says dunno! RK tries Madhus moby n asks for car..!

Part 3

Roma asks Madhu they are getting late! Madhu talks of last year KC! She hopes she could have done RKs aarti..! Madhu looks at moon and while she goes to hold the chalni..she trips and Roma helps her..! She turns with chalni and sees RK thru it..!

RK fumes on her. .for lying to him ..! RK says told u there was shoot whole nite! Madhu says was on my way..! RK says after shoot getting cancelled! Madhu says. .had 2 hours.. so came to worship! Radha chides RK ..!

Radha says.. its her fast ..! RK says.. ur adarshwadi dharmik bahu has broken the fast by eating. during a shot…! All are shocked..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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