Madhubala 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK says. just wait and watch.. Madhubala DevkiNandan ..

He says will bring such a storm in ur life.. that u wont figure where ur life is lost

AKs alter ego ..asks what happened.. that u lived an ideal an ideal son .. all ur life? U love Madhu ..! AK says.. not more than dad..! Ego asks.. why punish Madhu? AK says.. been 20 years.. but time is stuck ..

AK says dun punish pain for pain .. n the other ego says… my dad was innocent ..! Ego asks.. if it will help to end the pain? AK says.. wont kill her… keep her alive… n punish her..

AK says.. will get peace of mind …

AK shows his dads last remains n says.. havent still done visarjan..and after today .. will ask for pain for her.. in every step..

Madhu is in hosp .. with Radha..

! She wakes up n asks.. did u threaten PK to get me fit n fine? Madhu says.. din threaten only requested … ! She says u have to be with me for long n Radha says too long planning! She asks to call Madhus boss for his help to even strangers

Madhu says found him strict but he is so sweet. .

She goes to call AK ..

AK tears Madhu n his pic to pieces … !

Madhu asks AK where he was n AK says.. remembering u..! Madhu says.. Radha is fine n AK says.. nothing will happen to her…she is yet to meet me!

Madhu says in hurry to meet her? AK says.. desperate to meet n Madhu says she too wants to meet u to thank ! AK says i will thank her too

Madhu says will come to Mum in few days n AK says.. u dunno how much i miss u.. !

AK looks at his dad n says.. dinno the person i bought life for is ur murderer RKs mom .. but promise to recover the cost from them..…

Madhu is dancing around the hosp alley n plays with babies..! BG-Adha ishq! AK burns Madhus pics..n watches it burn ..!

AK says waited for ages … for this day … celebrate ur didas life n i will celebrate death of our relation! AK says .. i hate u more than i loved u … whats between us ishq for u.. n junoon for me.. junoon to destroy u n ur dida

Part 2

Radha narrates events of operation ..! Madhu asks Radha to ask for anything she wants…

Bebe comes to wake AK up … n asks about Mathura… if he gave the bangle to Madhu? AK

Part 3

Radha asks Madhu to connect her to AK n she says i did already ..

Madhu calls AK .. n Bebe makes him receive it…

Radha talks to AK .. n he fumes … ! She says ur bigger than a son .. u gave me life.. so may God give u all the happiness ..! She calls him son n asks for his name.. ! AK says Abhay ..

Precap — Madhu comes to mansion n Pam shooes her off! AK interrupts n says.. she is my would be wife…! Pam is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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