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Madhubala 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Leela telling how she has always saved money by living a poor life. Bittu says I just invested and we will earn from this garage. Leela says that money was kept for Sweety’s marriage, how can you take this. They have an argument. Leela says did you ask me before giving them money, RK will lose all that money, we won’t get anything. She says they did not use your name too in the garage name. Bittu says it was decided that it will be my name on board, but I thought its their new life, so I asked them to keep their name. She sas what about our kids, Sweety and Sunny, I want my money in one month. He says fine, you will get it in one or two months.

Leela sees Madhu coming and taunts her for taking money from Bittu. Bittu says stop this nonsense, what is this way, be quiet.

Leela says first gave money to Madhu and Dida, and now RK. Madhu says trust me, you will get money back, else take my jewellery. Leela says bring it. Bittu says no, I did not give him loan, but I m equal partner. Madhu asks Leela to come as she is her chief guest. Leela gets glad. Bittu says you will be its owner, come, change your mood now. RK says its first day of our garage, and we will do free servicing to first car, please tell anyone we will work honestly and won’t charge much.

Everyone claps. EK says now Leela will do the inauguration. Leela happily goes and breaks the coconut. RK says Ganpati Bappa Morya. Leela finally smiles. RK takes her and asks her to inaugurate the first car and she waters to clean it up. The mechanic takes more help from RK. Bittu starts working in the garage. RK gets hurt and Bittu runs to him asking how he got hurt. RK says nothing, wounds will be more. Bittu says be careful, see so much blood. RK comes home. Madhu asks why did he come late. RK says I was closing garage, and he brought his car. She asks how was the day and asks him to freshen up. He says fine, earned some 150rs today.

She says its fine, it will be more tomorrow. She sees his hand hurt. He says I m doing mechanic’s work, I will be hurt. She cares for her hand and says can’t you wear gloves, as its grease on your hands. He says it will be all over me. She says it means you need a dress for it. He says first let money come, then I will take. Leela asks Bittu to have everything written in register, how much he is earning, and his share. She says money can make anyone fight, you and RK are not related. Bittu says I will not do the accounts, you did not ask me how was my day. Leela argues again. She says Sunny won’t give us anything. She says we have to do Sweety’s marriage. Bittu says Rs 140. She says it won’t even get tea for the month.

Madhu asks RK to have food. Madhu makes him eat by her hand as his hand is hurt. She asks why is he shy. He says as I m eating alone, lets eat. He cares for her hand as he bites by mistake. Ishq hai ishq hai……….. plays…………. He says I will eat by my hands. She makes him eat and they smile. Someone comes and takes all jewellery from Tara. RK feels hurt in his hand and wakes up. Madhu asks what happened, are you not fine. He says no, feeling body pain. She says yes as you are working hard. I will massage. Its called Pati Seva. He says no, I should be at your service as you are pregnant. She says I decided I will massage for 10mins at night daily. He says fine, my condition is I will also do the same. She says husband don’t do this. He says is it written anywhere. He says we will sleep and end this. She says no, first me. He says no, me, I know you will make me sleep and then sleep, without taking my service. He says lets toss. He says I won and I will massage first. She lies down and he massages her hands. She smiles.

She says over, now my turn, you lie down. The water leakage starts and she says umbrella. They sit under the umbrella like before. Hum hai tere deewane……………plays………..He sleeps in her lap and she too rests on him. Its morning, RK is upset as there are no customers. He says we have to print pamphlets. Bittu says but it will take money, first we have to earn. RK says we will bring blank papers and write with sketch pens, its better than time pass. Bittu says good idea, I will bring it.

RK tells Madhu that what will he do till the garage runs good, where will the rent and food come from.

Update Credit to: Amena

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