Madhubala 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu wakes up with a start. .. ! Dips cribs.. where is Madhu.. if Pati is ..out of sight. out of mind? Madhu inquires about Bittu..

She is told he is not here… n she tries his moby .. but gets to know he is not reachable..! They reach to court.. but Bittu is still missing from there!

Marathe arrives .. n Madhu reaches upto Bittu ..n he says..busy in arrangement of cash. n tells her to restraint Marathe…!

Patil says its a simple case… but Marathe is taking it personally ..! Patil states out the facts… talks of Sultan.. n his connection with RK ..!

Marathe says to tell something new…! Patil says..its not a daily soap..but facts of the case n objection gets over ruled..!

Patil says how Sultan wanted to kill RK …n had pistol with him ..! He

says was day of PAAP ka anth so ..shikari.. became shikar..! He says its self defense..n RK should be awarded..for saving them from criminals!

Marathe claps… n says..if it was debate then Patil would be winner..! He says agree to words of him but why did RK go to meet Sultan without cops?? He asks RK how many movies he does in a year? RK – 5 to 6.. Marathe says.. very busy.. right? No time to sleep or eat.. n newly married so time there too..!

Marathe says.. in this,…when a criminal calls RK goes to meet immediately.. happens when a special friend or enemy calls..! Sultan can be UR ENEMY … n when they go to meet.. have poison in heart..!

Marathe says… he had gone to end Sultans life… as he dared to call himself RKs bro..! He went to end his life.. Madhu will get happiness ..n the man who dared to snatch his izzat. .kismat aur paise..will die..! Marathe.. tells RK to admit ..he made a mistake. n he went to kill Sultan n he says.. YES .. n all are shocked..!

Marathe says RK has admitted to crime.. n Patil says.. its more important .what happened at crime scene. . n RK admitted under pressure! Madhu says scared Paddo chants the prayer..!

Marathe says. in love n in court.. innocence has to be proved..! Patil asks for a break.. to talk to RK ..! Bittu reaches court..! Marathe signals to Madhu .. n they meet outside the court…

He asks them to show the money … n someone clicks pics! He says..RK is lucky to get Savitri in Kalyug..who saved her Satyavan..!

Part 2

Dips says.. sure.. RK bachao fund ke paise.. ikatha kar liya hai…! Marathe taunts that.. seems Patil-RK had a cute lovers talk.. Patil objects..!

Marathe calls both the witness… Bittu first..

Part 3

Marathe asks Bittu his connection to RK .. he says manager..! Asks details .. Bittu says.. meeting directors. daily meetings! Who has list of RKs enemies?

Marathe asks how is RK ?? good / bad? Bittu says yes..! Marathe asks if Bittu can lie? Bittu quiet..! Marathe asks if Bittu lied..that RK fired in self defense ? Bittu says no ..! Marathe says.. but RK said he hated Sultan n wanted to end him!

Precap —- Marathe.. says.. who will leave his wifes lover?? RK fumes .. jumps out of the box and strangles Marathe…! All rush to stop RK..!

Update Credit to:Armu4eva

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