Madhubala 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ballu takes off the sehra.. and Paddo and all are shocked seeing him..! Ballu closes in on Paddo and Madhu is confused! Trish says.. Balraj Chaudhary! Ballu glares at Madhu ..!

Ballu tells all that he is the producer of Trishs movie… n thats how he got to know about them ..! He says..he couldnt control his urge to meet them after coming to know about them…! Ballu tries to close in on Paddo n says. he wanted to see what Paddo has that.. Mr. Pension Player ..aka Shammo …has one leg in grave and another in wedding mandap! Madhu screams and says.. in childhood she had heard his name.. n now . she is seeing what a creature he is! Ballu says.. she is Vinash bala.. the curse to ruin Ballu..! He says.. she is like her dad… same fury n rage..! Madhu-Ballu glare at each other..! Ballu asks Paddo to tell Madhu to look down…or she will keep looking up for the rest of her life..! Ballu points gun at Madhus forehead but she stays undeterred..! Madhu says.. her mom is not alone. .they all are with her..whole family! She says.. Paddo is not the same old fearful wife.. rather a strong woman! She asks where Ballu was all these years? Celebrating his daughters death? Madhu says.. Ballu mite be her dad coz of blood ties.. but she considers Shammo as her dad! RK is driving towards the venue..! Madhu tells Ballu that… her moms hubbys name was Balraj Chaudhary but her hubbys name is Rishabh Kundra..!

Ballu pulls Paddo aside and slaps her..! All fume..! Ballu asks Paddo if this is the manners she has taught her kids.. to insult their dad? Madhus cell rings and its RK! BSC snatches Madhus phone and says.. he is BSC . Trish movie producer! RK says.. if he dare touch Madhu .. he will kill BSC .. if he touches her.. n then bring him to life n kill her again! Ballu says.. his heart is garden garden.. coz he got to see how his son in law .is a daring darling..! RK tells Madhu he is coming! BSC says… RKs booking is on direct flight to heaven … n says bye to him! Madhu screams.. bye..!

RK is driving..! Ballu takes Madhu to the temple..! RK realises he is being tailed..! RK introes.. Madhu to Devi Maa.. as .. Vinash bala.. his daughter! He says.. she should not have been born .. but Godess did a trick n gave Madhu life of free fund! He says. .now what is hers.. is back to her.. n now its his turn.! Ballu says.. Devi Maa did the batting in first over.. now its his turn..! Ballu says.. he will hit such a sixer that..she will be out of the boundary line..!

Part 2

Madhu shakes Ballus hand off and tells him. .dare he touch her.. n if he dares.. he will know what she is..! She says.. if not his astrologer.. she has faith in her Devi Maiyya.. in her mom. .in her family n her RK..! She says.. till they are with her.. Ballu cant do anything to her..! Ballu says.. he wants to see the fear of death in her eyes and Madhu says.. he wont see fear in her eyes.. rather his death..! The bike riders.. close in on RKs car..! Madhu says. .his biggest mistake is he brought her to Devi Maas temple..n so he will be the one to die! Ballu says. now he will take her to her death publicly! Paddo screams to let Madhu off..!

Part 3

The bike riders surround RK ..! RK stops his car..! The bike riders are armed with hockey sticks n chains..! RK steps out of the car.. n glares at them..! At the venue.. Ballu has all of them tide up.. n he circles around like a mad person..! He has Madhu standing on a chair.. with a noose around her neck..!

Precap — Song- Gazar ne kiya hai ishara.. some girls are dancing..and Ballu tries to remove Madhus chair.! RK gets battered and bruised fighting the attackers. n finally falls on the ground unconscious.!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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