Madhubala 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 25th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks RK what will he do to avenge the slap?? Humiliate her.?? Do what he couldnt do before others?? She removes her dupatta and RK glares at her…n she glares back! RK says.. SHUT UP and OUT! Madhu says..she isnt scared of his nothing is left in her to get scared..! RK gets on the floor n lifts her dupatta and bag..! He puts the dupatta on her and covers her .. n drags her out of the set…n locks the door behind him! Madhu is shivering and RK slams his hand on the door..! Madhu wipes her tears and heads out of there!

At the mansion RK asks Bittu where he was till now and asks him what he is doing tailing him? He asks him to get the schedule fixed for next day.. and to fix the car and screams his lungs out and asks Bittu to leave! RK recollects Madhus words..

and paces around in his room! He glares at the mirror and breaks the dressing table ..! He hurts his finger and sees the blood and says. DAMN U MADHUBALA! Dips comes and says.. correct.. Bhad me jaye..woh Chawl bala..and what has she done? She sees his bleeding finger and tries to touch but RK warns her. .that she will regret..if she dare come close and tells her to GET OUT! Dips leaves!

Madhu is walking on the road.. in a daze..! BG- Kaise jiyun tere bin Mahi..!

Its raining and RK is drinking.. ! He slams the bottle down..! Bittu comes in his room and says.. the car is ready.. n the shooting is fixed.. and new heroine has come! RK says..which brand of whiskey is this? Bittu says..ur fave! RK says..then why isnt it working..why cant he forget everything! RK sits on the rocking chair n closes his eyes…! Bittu says.. its ‘Pyaar ka nasha.. sharab ka nasha..kaise chadhega’!

Next day in the morning.. Trish is getting ready to go to work..! Madhu too..! Trish notices.. Madhus torn kurta.. and Madhu rushes out! Trish calls out to her and asks if all is well? She asks if RK did anything? Madhu says.. all is well..! Trish tells Madhu to remember that.. whenever things get bad.. n she feels she cant bear it..then she should remember.. Trish is with her.. ! Four hands instead of Two..will help to ease things in her life..! Madhu smiles and excuses herself..!

Dips screams on Sikky on the phone and says..she regrets marrying an idiot like her n slams the phone n rues.. God knows why she married him! RK says.. as if God will answer her question! She asks RK how he is and RK says..either RK is very good or very bad..! Dips asks..what did SHE do?? RK says..dare not take HER name before him! Dips says..wont..! She asks him what he is doing there? RK says..she is wasting time to know what RK is doing at her doorstep? He asks Dips if she remembers what he said? Dips can he think she will forget??! RK says..brilliant.. Dips has to do something for him! Dips smiles!

At the studio.. RK is shooting the scene..! Cut is declared..! RK asks for makeup..! Madhu is standing next to RK .. she opens her tiffin to eat..! An AD comes and tells her that an actress who has come to do CAMEO has called her for hairstyle..! Madhu says ok! She comes and finds RK talking to HER n as Madhu comes close to her n says.. EXCUSE ME MAM!

Part 2

The heroine turns… n its Dips…!RK smirks..he tells Dips ..her hairdresser has come.. so he better hand her over to Dips.. n leave..! RK says.. ALL URS .. ENJOY!! RK leaves..! Dips comes in her green room and tells Madhu it wont be that fun as Madhu wont be at her feet..! Madhu keeps mum! Dips tells Madhu to give her some gossip.. as RK doesnt tell her anything! She tells Madhu that she found out that RK made Madhu give him jumpi.. n that last night..something special happened between them..what is it? Madhu keeps mum..! Dips says.. SO TYPICAL ..! She says.. if she shared..she did feel light.. but maybe.. she doesnt have anything in her! Dips says..that.. Madhu must be shocked to see her there.. as such she had quit.. but RK she couldnt refuse..! She no half-pheras.. no fake relation can come between .. Dips-RK..! She says.. nothing changed.. coz of her marriage.. nor RKs marriage..err fake marriage..! Madhu ends up tugging at Dips hair.. n Dips says.. its hurting.. work properly!

Part 3

Dips tells Madhu that.. in a race between .. Donkeys and Horses… Horses win..! Dips tells Madhu ..why did she run? Madhu says.. that a donkey hard ..n eats.. but a horse..gets love for winning two races.. n then when it cant win anymore.. its shot dead or fed poison..! Dips says.. Chawl bala..says a line… ! Well ..there is something about u..! Madhu says..wish could say same for u… theres nothing in u .. though tried hard to search..! Madhu-Dips glare at each other..!

Precap– Dips seduces.. RK for the sene… on the song .. Muskaan jhooti hai..! Madhu watches..! RK keeps looking at Madhu n she looks away..! .

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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