Madhubala 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says its like ‘Hum to marenge sanam..tumhe bhi nahi chorenge’..he leaves from there!

All disperse from the breakfast table.. except.. Madhu-Radha! Madhu says know that i hurt u..but din do it deliberately! Radha says have a lot of work and u must be getting late..!

Madhu asks what time should i return? Radha says when she gets time from shoot! Madhu says know i hurt u but u know i keep fast with full dedication n will keep it for RKs long life..and by today evening..will do amends for what mistakes i made!

Madhu refuses coffee on set…! She looks at her hand n recollects last years KarvaChauth! Roma comes and says.. ur destiny is superhit..!

Madhu says just recollecting the past..! She says.. became heroine for RKs sake.. to support him…

! She says.. my dreams are of a simple wife..

She rues that RK thinks.. i should only be a heroine and Pabho thinks i should focus on the family ..and Radha is stuck too..!!Madhu says need a favour. .wanna keep Mehendi! Roma says.. her movies char doesnt put Mehendi n if RK sees..he will fume!

Mehul says if RK is ready? Shot will be ready in 5 mins..! RK calls to Bittu n Mehul says he went to find location ..! Madhu is getting mehendi on her hands.. n Roma is worried..! Madhu says he is not policewala and Roma says he is gharwala..! Mehendi designer asks what name to put? Madhu recollects SR nite where she called Rishabh and .. designer puts it..!

Madhu comes to RK n he says dun disturb..! She shows the mehendi ..n RK fumes.. n asks if she is joking? Madhu asks why so angry? RK says.. ur a heroine.. on shoot.. how can she be so unprofessional? Told u dun believe in KC …!

Madhu says ..told u .. ur important for me.. so will keep fast! RK says..even if movie is ruined? RK says.. Anamika is a char who doesnt believe in relations..! Madhu says know my work and my responsibilities..! Madhu says mehendi is temporary ..not permanent.. n put in palm only..! Dun tell me my responsibility next time.. for me..its not childishness! RK asks n her fast wont affect shoot? Madhu says not ur concern! RK says if shoot is stopped coz of her .. then she cant keep fast..!

BG- Huye bawre ye naina..! She recollects last years KC!

Dips tells Pabho that heard from shoot.. that there is big tiff between RK-Madhu …about this KC! Pabho says first we need to find out about what RK is doing to break KC ..!

Madhu asks Mehul why dining scene today? He says RK said..! Madhu hesitates..! RK asks what is the matter? Madhu says he knows! RK drags her aside..!

Part 2

RK asks what is the matter? Madhu says.. have fast.. n u deliberately kept dining scene today! RK says trying to make u understand that outside world and film world are different.. n here director decides festivals.. ! Separate Anamika from Madhu ..! RK says know that .. i will fulfill this fast..! Madhu says what happens if i say. .i wont shoot today? RK says.. back to square 1..!

RK says.. lets do one thing.. pack up for KC today. .n for something else tomorrow.. so why not pack up permanently? RK walks off and Madhu in tears..!

Part 3

Scene starts… ! RK says Madhu wont be able to do this scene.. ! Madhu says i will do it..! In the scene.. RK says made kheer for u coz u like it..! Madhu says dun try too hard.. or u will be in trouble!

Madhu starts to eat and RK watches..! Roma is shocked..!

Madhu keeps the food in the mouth .. but doesnt chew it..! Scene okayed.! Mehul says perfect..!

Madhu fumes on RK ..

Precap — RK says set up …no pack up ..! All are shocked..! He says double shift today ..! Mehul asks Madhu if she is ok with it?

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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