Madhubala 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK-Madhu are lost in each others thots and are dreaming about each other ! BG-Is dil ka mai kya karun

Madhu reaches home and is delighted.. Shruti asks the matter.. n Radha too.. ! Madhu says managed to arrange for the money … n they will cut from salary every month ..

All say.. ur boss has a golden heart and Madhu says yes

Madhu remembers AK proposing her..

AK is in car and sees the bangles and realizes he forgot to give to her.. ! He returns and reaches the hosp and sees Bittu .. n is shocked..

Later he spots Radha.. and Madhu with Radha n is left stunned..! All past memories come afresh ..! He overhears Madhu saying ‘ r u? Dun worry. .all will be ok’

AK fumes …and recollects how Bittu had accused his dad and he got killed

by mob!

Radha gives Madhu house keys and says in case i dun return! Madhu says talked to Mopu n bribed PK .. u will be fine.. what will i do without u..!

Radha says u have Bittu .. Shruti and ur boss! Madhu says dun want anyone of them ..want to be with u forever!

AK grips the bangles and fumes..!

A guy gives boquet AK for Radha n he throws it and crushes the flower.. ! He says.. havent forgotten that day till date.. ! this Madhu is Rishbala daughter.. now she will pay for what RK did..! She and Radha both!

Pam asks Nikhil where is AK? Nikhil asks to focus on AKs property which will be theirs on AK’s budday n discuss to throw lavish bash!! Tamanna says only half? Then why call me? Pam says as if u know.. ur job..where is AK? Tamanna say din get money so..! Pam says u will get it. .but focus on ur work..!

Part 2

Bittu asks Madhu to relax..! Nurse asks to sign some papers.. Bittu goes!

Madhu blushes recollecting AK’s words!

Bittu tells Madhu that all went well ..!

Part 3

Madhu comes to PK and thanks him for helping her.. n saving Radha..! she says.. wont ask anything from u. .u removed all my life’s problems..! Aarti going on
AK is in his room and covered with red curtains.. he fumes.. recollecting the convo and swears to teach Madhu a lesson ..! He says.. its been 20 years.. but havent forgotten till date u will pay for what RK did… for every second.. of ur life!

AK says.. Madhu wont even realize how her life is lost in a bawandar..!

The diya in temple is blown off by wind blowing and Madhu is shocked..! Screen freezes with AK and Madhu ..side by side. screens.!

Precap — Madhu calls AK n says Radha is better n AK says had to be..wanna meet her! Madhu says she too wants to meet u n thank u..! AK says.. i wanna meet her n thank her for keeping u alive..! Madhu is confused!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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