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Madhubala 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK giving his fitness test for the interview. The man asks him to fail him in hand wrestling. RK thinks of Madhu’s words and gets strength. He passes the test and becomes the security supervisor. The man is happy with him and also gives him a gun. He says I will give license in evening, keep this, it will be with you. RK says I won’t lift guns. The man says everyone want it and you are refusing it. RK says I already used it many times, and I swore I will not lift it. The man asks him to leave then. RK leaves. A mechanic checks the car of someone and says it will take time for this repair work. RK passes by and asks can he help. The mechanic says it’s a big problem.

RK insists. The man says fine, check it. RK repairs it and asks the man to start the car. The car starts

and the man is happy. RK says I m fond of cars, I know everything about cars. The man says take this money. RK says no, I m jobless, so just helped. The man says do this work then, this area does not have any garage, you can open it. RK likes the idea and comes home thinking. Madhu asks him did he get job, He says no, I got an idea, I will not do job, but open a garage here. She says Dau ji also told this. RK says I have his blessings, I will work hard and will fill this room with everything that my Rani likes, then we will shift to a home which has lift, so that you don’t need to climb stairs.

RK talks to the mechanic and he asks him to open the garage. RK asks what about money. Thee mechanic tells him what items are needed. He says it will cost Rs 70000. Madhu is cost cutting at home, saving Rs 20 if she cooks food for two times. Madhu tells him about Rs. 600 savings. RK says I need Rs 60000 else I can’t open garage, my dream will not fulfill. She says 60000? He says yes, it may take more than that also. She gives him her gold and says take this. He says no. She says whats their use, we can open garage by this. He says no, I can’t sell this. She says then from where will we get money.

He says it will come from anywhere, I m sure. Bittu comes to them and Madhu is happy. Bittu is surprised seeing RK. Madhu says I m living here happily with RK. He asks about Leela and Dida. She says Leela is in my in laws house and Dida is at care centre. Bittu calls Leela and scolds her. Leela says I m in my home and comes there. Bittu says Madhu said you are there. Leela says no, leave it. Madhu and RK are puzzled. Leela says I went to meet them as Dau ji called me. Bittu says come with me. I need to talk. They leave. RK says keep jewellery back, I will open garage myself, I will not sell this. She hugs him.

Bittu tells Dida would be happy if she saw Madhu happy., Leela says what happiness, they are leading a poor life, its good she is far. Bittu argues and says I will bring Dida, give me address. Leela says its very far, go later. The mechanic asks RK when is he opening garage. RK says I don’t have money, can you help me, I can share half profits. He says I had money but spent in my sister’s Nikaah. RK says will any bank give loan. He says I will tell in evening, don’t worry. He leaves. Bittu comes to RK and asks about his problem. RK says nothing. Bittu says I understand the way of honesty is tough, tell me the problem so that I can help you,

RK says I m thinking to open a garage, but it needs 60000-70000 and I don’t have it, will any bank give me loan. Bittu says its great idea, everyone needs garage here, don’t go into bank matters, you can take my help, shall we open it in partnership, we both will work hard. RK says yes, you invest and I will work hard. Bittu says I will bring money from bank, we will work hard and earn. RK folds hands and thanks him. Bittu says I m happy, go and buy items. RK says I will tell Madhu and come. RK comes and lifts Madhu making rounds. She says stop it. He says the garage is opening. She is happy and asks how. He says Bittu and I are opening it in partnership. She says very good and thanks the kanha ji.

He holds her hand and says I will work honestly. Music plays…………. He looks at her hand and says see your hands became tough gringing spices on stone. I will buy all kitchen utilities for you. She asks what about you. He says I have you, I don’t want nothing else. She asks him to buy a vehicle so that he won’t need to go by bus. Bittu calls him and he goes.

RK tells Bittu that he wanted to name the garage Raja Rani garage, but now he decided that it will be Bittu ji garage. Bittu says no, keep the old one. RK says you gave me new life. Bittu says don’t get emotional, go and buy items. Leela calls Agni and says Bittu takes care of Madhu and Dida, he is asking me about centre, I just kept her at small hospital, I was scared and has put her to a good centre now. She says I will come to meet you, but be after Dau ji asking him to go village. She comes and sees the Raja Rani Motor Garage board.

Madhu and RK welcome her. Bitttu tells her that he has opened this garage with RK in partnership and made an investment. She asks how much. Madhu says he has helped RK a lot, I promise we will return your money when we start earning. She asks how much. Bittu says few. RK says he gave me 60000 rs and I will return it. Leela says come upstairs and looks at him angrily. Bittu says I will just come and goes after her. Madhu and RK look at each other.

Leela scolds Madhu and Bittu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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