Madhubala 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Roma is shocked seeing Ballu .. She quickly hides n watches Ballu dance with his men..! She gets flashbacks..! Ballu spots her n takes her hostage!

At chawl. Madhu-Trish try to deck up Paddo..! BG-Dulhan bani hai banno..! Both daughters .. admire Paddos beauty…as a bride..! Madhu asks Trish if the groom is ready? Trish says.. groom is punctual. .all ready..! Madhu says..she is from brides side and Shammo from Trishs!

Shammo is searching for Roma n Trish stops him entering.. as groom cant see bride before wedding..!

Ballu says.. AUNTY n asks his men to keep Roma under hostage.. so she doesnt reach the venue..!

Paddo looks around the chawl as she enters the car..! Trish brings Shammo having covered his eyes.. n then removes her hand n Shamo-Paddo eyelock..! Madhu prays to Lord!

They reach to this place by the lakeside where grand preps for the wedding has been made! Shammo-Paddo.. praise RK .. for filling their lives with happiness ..! Radha arrives. with Bhatiyas.. n Madhu welcomes them..! Dips says.. chawl wedding is like ..having ice cream.. and Sikky says.. she too was a chawl wali! Sikky says.. how they all have two weddings.. n Kuku asks to prove that he is human not otherwise..! The venue is manned by Ballus men…n Pandit..!

Pandit says..its time n Shammo says..not till RK comes! They wonder where Roma is.. n Madhu says.. Romas phone not connecting..! She cribs for RK ..n says he will live to do grand pas role. .n he says.. nope..! RK is driving car..n talking no moby! She says.. if she is there.. he is there too! RK says..she says lots of filmy dialogues..! He inquires if all is ok? She says no..coz all is super duper ok! RK says.. its RKs film so.. has to be a hit..! RK says.. she keeps the senior citizens at his place n he too keeps the senior citizens of her side happy..!

Madhu tells RK about Paddos nightmare.. but RK says.. not possible as he comes only in Madhus dream She tells RK about what Paddo dreamt..! Madhu tells BSCs name n RK recollects n is shocked..!

Suddenly another barat arrives … n everyone looks up all confused..!

Part 2

Ballu walks towards the mandap … Shammo interrupts him n says.. he is at wrong place but the guy keeps walking forward n towards Paddo..! Madhu asks what it is.. n Ballu touches Paddo n Shammo screams.. !

Part 3

Shammo beats the goons around n points gun at one of the aides .. when Ballu fires.. n points gun at Paddo..! Everyone has a gun pointed at them ..!

Precap — Ballu removes his sehra n all are shocked seeing him! RK fights goons who stop him on his the venue! Madhu says.. her moms hubbys name was Balraj Singh Chaudhary .. but her hubbys name is Rishabh Kudra! Right then RK gets hit on the head..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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