Madhubala 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 24th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is trying out different dresses.. n keeps rejecting all of them! She rues that out of 10 mins.. wasted 6 mins..! Lela asks for tea..n Madhu says on my way! Madhu finally finds one dress… given by Radha..n thinks its perfect.! She says.. the day Radha offered me to take the dress.. thot to leave it behind ..but.. it is perfect..! She says.. to Mopu ..that.. this is gifted by Dida on my 18th birthday..! She appreciates herself n says.. looking perfect..! She takes out new palm-shoes to wear… necklace .. ear rings..! She keeps recollecting AK saying ‘I love u’ ..!

Annie is sitting in dark in her room ..! Pam comes and switches the lights on! She asks the matter? Annie says..whenever Nikhil is not around .. my life is dark.. after all he is the

only one who truly loves me!Pam asks.. upset with me? Annie says.. so what..ur my sole parent..cant think of going away from u..! Pam says am sorry! Annie says .. its ok . .after all u gave me Nikhil ..! Pam says.. great.. lets have some sweet..! She brings sweets for her! Annie says. .whenever dad used to forget his promise n go with AK . u used to make my fave fruit salad to appease me..! Pam says.. ur every memory is filled with pain …why? Annie says.. no idea..! She rues that whenever dads.. barsi comes near.. feel terrible..! Its been so many years but nothing changed.. dunno what to do.. how to be happy? Pam says… think that his blessings are with u always..! Annie says i know..!

Annie sees the clock its 9pm .. he said.. will be back by 9 from orphanage..  ! Pam says… Nikhils timetable moves as per AKs moods..! Annie asks how long will we obey AK? Whole family on one side.. n AK on another! Pam says no option .. accept this reality.. now cheer up..! Annie says.. wont live as AKs slave forever..! Pam comes out of Annies room n Bebe glares at her..! Madhu arrives at Tulip Restaurant n says.. just for one fruit much? Will make fruit salad for him everyday..! She spots AK sitting at the table and blushes..!

AK spots her n says.. finally u r here… was waiting for u since long! AK says.. i know ur surprised. but have something important to discuss with u..! Madhu looks on stunned..! Suddenly a girl steps from behind n hugs AK ..! She asks him .. not happy to see me? Nikhil says.. have an urgent meeting. .we need to wrap up the date..! She says have an urgent meeting! The girl notices Madhu .. n says… she still works with u? Thot u fired her? AK says..changed my mind! The girl says.. i mean wondering why wuld u be here with this joker.. ?? She says.. one idea.. lets take a pic of urs with this panda queen… n circulate on social media … with title.. ‘Superstar with Karele ka achar’ ..! AK asks Shalini to cut it n  tells Madhu to call producer n goes to see her off outside..! Madhu wonders who n AK comes back n says.. was a drama… lets go! AK notices Madhu red eyed n says.. what happened? Madhu says.. some dust went in my eyes..! AK says.. ok .. n says my driver will drop me n then u..wait here! Madhu says..can go on my own..! Madhu breaks down..!

Madhu rues… din understand difference between dialog and reality. .thot AK loves u? Madhu says.. dida is right.. ur nuts..! Madhu says.. u culdn help ..atleast culd have pointed out..! Madhu looks at her reflection n says.. u look like a flunk .. n says. ur a simpleton from Mathura.. n AK is a superstar… ! She says.. AK will never love u … he can only scold u..!Pam comes in the hall n notices Bebe drinking tea..! She tells servant n says.. to order less chilly as .. .chilly incarnated.. is walking in front of us..! Bebe says.. AK is not ur son ..but Annies bro.. dun try to distance them..! She says.. .those who dig holes for other.. end up in day..! Pam says.. doing whatever i can to maintain peace…n not like them who only taunt others..! Bebe rues that Pam has distanced bro-sis from each other so much that they cant hear each others heart beats..! She prays for all being well during Harshvardhans barsi..!

Part 2

Bebe is pacing in the hall and Ayesha says.. relax.. we will handle it! Bebe says.. Pam will do some drama for sure! Ayesha says.. ur worrying wont avert any troubles.. take meds..! Bebe refuses but relents..! She says.. we need to be careful .. need to keep AK cool..! Nikhil comes and greets all ..! Annie comes holding a wall frame.. n says.. wanna put a pic for the barsi..! Its a pic of her-Pam-Harshvardhan..! Pam-Nikhil are shocked..! Pam tries to advise Annie but she says.. not gonna listen to anything now.. its about me and my dad..! Nikhil too tries to coax Annie.. but she says.. if u wont help to put the pic on .. will take a servants help ..!\

Part 3

Sunny offers vada pav to Madhu n says.. whenever there is hole in anyones heart.. we fill it with vada pav.. n asks her to eat to forget her sorrow..! She notices AKs pic.. n sulks…! Sunny says sorry.. doesnt this nalayak have any work? Appears all over..! He says.. AK called u to restaurant n din even offer u soda? Madhu says.. its not his fault.. i din realize he was speaking his dialog..! She says.. if he said i love u.. ‘mere khwab pure ho jate.. aur main khali ho jati’! She recounts how in Mathura.. she studied whole nite n next day went to see AKs films where he said I love u ..! Madhu hugs Sunny!

Pam says i understand ur feelings but where will u put this pic? There is no place on the wall..! Annie says.. we can make space..! She throws AKs pic on the floor.. n Bebe screams..! AK comes right then and glares at Annie.. who glares back at her..!

Precap — AK asks Annie what do u want? What can i do to return ur peace of mind? He says.. promise u .. will do whatever u want! Annie says fine.. will tell u very soon ..what i want!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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