Madhubala 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu caresses a sleepy RKs face

She falls asleep with her hand across RK…

Dips wakes up.. n calls out to servants .. Sikky apes her..n then gives her tea

He shares all are busy in RK-Madhus mehendi! He recollects his mehendi n Dips says.. can never forget .. n Sikky says.. she is so sweet.. wanna immerse in tea!

Madhu comes to Paddo… n says..she has DECIDED ..

She says.. hurting.. someone. or breaking someones heart… is not her cuppa tea…! Paddo thanks God!

She says they will end story with RK …Madhu says.. she is gonna marry RK without any vengeful feelings..! Paddo chides her..

Madhu says.. first time she has seen love in RKs eyes.. breaking his own rules.. hurting himself..

She asks Paddo to bless her on her Mehendi …

n Paddo says.. a mom cant bless her kid who wants to fall in a ditch! Paddo locks Madhu up n suddenly Madhu wakes up.. sweating…

Madhu decides not to tell Paddo anything…

She sees RKs dads pic… n Bappas idol ..n seeks his blessing..n says.. world will see she was right to trust RK ..!!

She finds a note from RK … which reads that their wedding is on 31st May .. n asks him to name her day to him..! She removes the bed cover on RKs side n finds a boquet..

She gets another note.. n it reads that the boquet is for my old fashioned Madhu ..without roses.. as ‘Gulab badtameez hote hain.. kate liye ghumte hain.. kaun unhe samjhaye.. ke tumhe chubne ka haq sirf mera hai’ ..!!

She is told to enter bathroom after 5 mins but she rushes early .. RK chides her .. but Madhu enters.. nevertheless..!

RK chides her for not listening to him n Madhu says..she is habituated ..!! RK was a surprise … n asks her to shush n keep eyes closed..!

Madhu walks forward n bumps into RK n he falls in the rose petal filled bath tub… Madhu bursts out laufing.. n RK fumes..for ruining it all..!

Madhu says perfect.. bath tub..with rose petals n a big KANTA in it

Madhu asks reason for surprise n RK says coz he cant bear to be close to she should take a bath..! RK asks her to join in.. n as Madhu tries to help him stand up.. he pulls her in!

Part 2

Madhu asks RK what he is doing? RK says.. she under estimates.. he wont leave such a good opp..!

RK calls Madhu n pulls her close.. n Madhu says RK.. ! He asks why calling RK.. n Madhu says.. RISHABH ..

Part 3

RK says… why is she shy ..after what she did previous night..

Madhu blushes n RK says.. if she keeps doing this.. he can sleep forever

RK suggests to stay as it is in bath tub forever..! Madhu chides him..

She asks RK to leave.. n RK asks where?

Precap — Madhu dancing on Payaliya.. wearing her bath robe..! RK watches her chup -chup ke..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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