Madhubala 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Judge says that RK is to be sent to judicial custody till next Friday n trial to begin on that day! All are shocked!

Madhu asks defense lawyer… he said its simple ? Defense lawyer says. its setback but its ok ..! Marathe says..truth will win .. no matter if he is biggest superstar.. or businessman or is same!

RK says..strange.. one side hate film people n do dialogbazi.. in their style? Marathe says. .they need dialogs..we are lawyer.s ..chehre ki nahi dimag ki khate hain!

Madhu turns to RK n RK says he knows…she will ask to keep faith n he has faith in her faith. .n asks her not to cry n is escorted out of the court..!

Press asks.. it was simple. .why this twist? RK says.. its not possible to not have twist in RKs matter..! He looks at Madhu

who holds Radhas hand n tries to smile..!

RK is led into the police van..! Bittu says…they gotta rush.. as press will hound them! He chides Patil (defense lawyer) for laxness in preparations! Paddo comes and Madhu hugs her n cries..

She says..Trish informed.. n she is just back from outdoor..! She asks the details n Madhu says isnt RKs fault n Paddo reassures her! Dips says.. if she sees this more..she will be gone.. so she n Sikky leave.!

Paddo asks Radha.. if she can help? Radha says.. Madhu is alone in the battle.. n tells Paddo to give Madhu courage ..spend time with Madhu..! Madhu asks Radha to rest.. n tells Bittu she will go to meet RK with food but Bittu says RK doesnt want. .but Madhu insists..!

RK is asked to deposit all his personal stuff… n is given prisoners attire..! Jnr inspector says ..its suiting him ..n talks of his movie Dilavar..! All prisoners are excited seeing him ..!

A guy says.. Qaid to hum ho chuke hain unke pyaar mein.. yaad hai unki bewafai..! Jnr cop goes to get clean blanket for RK!

Madhu rues that .. dunno what happened..! Sultan changed..and din even think of his mom, son n Kaka.. dunno how they are?? Madhu asks about them n Paddo says she went there.. but no one was there! Madhu says.. they werent there when she went to meet them! Paddo asks details and Madhu says nothing important! She rues can a person be so selfish? Din think of his kid n mom! Bittu comes.. and tells car is ready n he will drop her on the way..!

RK tells cop ..told dun wanna meet anyone.. esp not Biwi! RK tells him to tell Madhu to heat food in microwave n eat .. as he is on NO FOOD DIET and she can make her body .. ! Madhu says. .food is heated n wont eat ..without him! RK says..register her name.. wont come..! Madhu says. .fine.. with him for life so.. if not home then jail..!

RK asks if she is here to get her name in stubborness list..? Madhu is in tears.. n RK relents.. saying before jail is flooded lemme go!

RK comes n says.. if she knows who she is blackmailing?? Madhu says.. the biggest natakbaz.. n grateful ..for coming! RK that she doesnt cry..! He says.. after 10 mins she will ..! RK puts his arm around Madhu n she closes her eyes! RK says. .people do candle light dinner n they are doing tubelight dinner .. in interrogation room..!

Madhu says.. important that they are together n says.. Mr & Mrs RKs. family type dinner is ready..! RK closes in on Madhu .. n says.. its not their bedroom . .anyone would walk in ..!

RK says.. wearing wrong attire.. n Madhu says..coz he came from shoot n he looks s*xy…! Madhu says.. he has worn before n RK says.. she isnt a fan but.! Madhu says.. front row seats .. to see ..thanks to Trish…! RK hugs Madhu .. n says.. ur my life..m alive..when ur in front of me..!

Part 2

Madhu arrives with Bittu… n he asks if she is sure? Madhu says..yes..

Bittu says…he is stone hearted.. how will she deal? Madhu says..she wants to handle herself.. n with Bappas blessings..!

Marathe is playing chess when Madhu enters… n he asks her to have a seat…! Madhu says m fine…!

He asks must hurt to see hubby in jail ..without AC .. diet food..! He asks to discuss..reason for coming!

Part 3

Madhu says. .in past RK has committed crime but it has no relation to this..! She asks him to not chase RK ..! Lawyer says

Madhu says..he knows.. its an accident.. but he does not like celebs .. but cant play with peoples life! Lawyer says.. not against celeb. but with law..! Madhu says.. law is with truth.. so support me!

Lawyer says.. truth is what she says? Madhu says.. it was fired in self defense.. n he says.. prove in court! Madhu says.. he will stop the truth so. .meeting! Lawyer says. so came to bribe? Madhu says .. here as Rishabhs wife..!

Madhu says.. had lodged complaint .. against RK last year.. but he has changed.. n trying to be a good person .. n seen Sultan changing.. ! She asks him to think … .remove glass of celebs being bad.. n see RK as human..!

Lawyer..says .. eyes wet coz of her words .. free advice… Patil has no standing.. Madhu should fight against him! Madhu stunned..!

Precap —– Lawyer says.. now she cant say.. chutki … no one can value a persons worth better than Madhu ..she did 4 pheras for 40 lakhs.. after all. .! Madhu shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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