Madhubala 23rd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 23rd January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

At the Mansion, RK sits on his bed..! He looks on the other side of the empty bed..! He switches off the light and lies down! Paddo tells Trish-Madhu to sleep on the bed.. n that she will sleep on the floor. .but they refuse! RK calls Madhu and .. Madhu comes outside..n takes the call! RK asks why she left? Madhu says..coz he said..n RK says.. if he tells to go to Jupiter she will go? He says.. anyways.. bye! Madhu calls RK and asks why he called? RK reminds.. now she has called.. n asks her to speak out or her bill will increase! Madhu asks what he is doing? RK says..feeding sandwich to dinosaur..! RK says.. talking to her..obviously! Madhu asks..if Bittu left n RK says.. seems she has adopted Bittu… concerned so much.. better call directly..! Madhu cuts RKs call! RK calls back.. n says.. what is she doing. n dare she repeat his lines.. as Dino is asleep! Madhu says..she is looking at the watch ..which he gifted.. n Paddo-Trish fighting on where to sleep n Shammo refusing to take meds..!

RK says.. n she is troubling him .. for sure..! Madhu asks RK to open teh window n look at the moon..! RK asks.why? its new design?? Madhu he sees n she will .. n it will make them feel close! RK says..they are only 20 mins far.. n this coochie coo type talks dun suit .. only fights suit them..! Madhu says..then why calling up?? Cuts the call..! Duo look at the moon..! RK says.. Biwi.. tum to pagal ho.. sath me mujhe bhi pagal kar dogi! Later in the night.. Ballu arrives at the chawl..! He storms inside Shammos house..! Shammo comes to his bed.. n goes to get water from inside..! He wonders who kept the door open? He sees Paddo and the girls sleeping..! He turns and sees Ballu closing the door..! Ballu closes in on him.. He points the gun on Shammos neck..! Ballu says.. Pahelwanji ..n asks if he remembers their first meeting on the train…! He was his mistake to let him off then..! He fires the shot..! Paddo and the girls wake up screaming..! Ballu fires shots on Shammo again…n then points the gun at Paddo..! Paddo says.. he cant come back.. he cant..! Shammo says.. Padmini ji.. n passes out..! Ballu says.. really sorry but am back..! He says.. he wanted to only play holi. .dunno where gun came from n he fired..!

Ballu asks Paddo that what she thought. .he wont be back? He is back.. n that from this house.. Paddos.. barat wont leave rather Shammos body..! Paddo.. screams for help …! Ballu says.. no one else is there here.! He points the gun on Madhu but Paddo stands in between..! He says.. she kept his destruction safe for so many years.. now he is back as Kans.. n wont leave her..! Ballu fires gunshot on Paddo..! Madhu screams..! Ballu then pulls Madhu n says.. Vinash-bala.. wont leave u.. m back.. m BSC! Paddo wakes up with a start n is sweating..! She looks at Madhu n says.. he cant come back..! She kisses Madhus forehead.. n Trishs too..! She then comes outside to check on Shammo..! She heaves a sigh of relief seeing him safe..! Paddo walks in a trance recollecting the nightmare! She is sitting on the stairs n is praying to Bappa.. when Madhu comes and asks the matter..! Paddo says.. nothing.. n asks Madhu to go sleep..! Madhu says..its her wedding next day.. n if she is nervous about it? Paddo says.. she is trying.. but cannot forget the monster..[BSC]! She says..he is back.. the one who wanted to kill Madhu . ! She describes her nightmare..! She breaksdown n says.. that.. it felt like reality. .n that.. she is scared..! Madhu says.. no one is there.. n it was all a nightmare..! Madhu tells Paddo that Ballu is away from their life.. forever! Madhu says.. her life is starting afresh next day..! Madhu chants the mantra..!

Part 2

Roma asks for the address .. but the person says..cant give as its confidential..! Roma says..she wants to check on it on behalf of Trish..! The guy gives Roma the address..! Roma reaches the place… ! She comes and finds some marriage preps going on..! He wonders the matter..! A helper there asks Roma what is she doing there.. she says.. to meet BSC ..! The guy says.. BSC wont meet anyone today.. ! Roma asks why. .n if its his wedding? The guy says. .no not his.. rather his wife’s!

Part 3

Ballu steps out with sehra.. n is dancing with the baraat..! Roma tries to see his face.. but is not able to see clearly..! Finally BSC puts sehra on and when he pushes the flowers aside.. Roma sees his face n is shocked..!

Precap —- At the wedding venue.. Shammo-Paddo look at a Barat which arrives at their venue..! Its Ballu..! Shamom tells Ballu that its his n Paddos wedding venue.. but Ballu walks towards Paddo n tries to touch her.! Madhu-Trish squirm ..! Shammo screams.. n fights the guys restraining him … ! Shammo points the gun at one of the baraat guys when Ballu fires gun shots n his men surround the whole family..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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