Madhubala 23rd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 23rd February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 23rd February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says.. RK = Right Kameena! Dir asks to get Madhu decked up like a heroine n she sheds tears but goes!

Trish tells Paddo .. Madhu is not receiving the calls.. Paddo is worried..! Trish asks her to relax.. ! Paddo still calls Madhu..Madhu is being made ready for the shot..! [BACKLESS DD]

Madhu comes to the shoot.. in the gown and walks tentatively..! RK n all stare at her! All praise Madhus beauty! Dir talks of shot n RK says.. touching her out of compulsion …

RK puts his hand across Madhus waist .. squeezes her waist n pulls her closer..! Bittu is in tears too..! RK says CUT! RK tells that for continuity sake..stole needs to go..! RK starts to remove the stole n Madhu sheds tears! It falls on RKs hand n he covers her back n says PACK UP! He says.. she isnt like any heroine n to settle the loss in his account!

Is pyaar ki dekho rusvayi..
Bas dur talak.. tanhayi ..
Kya wafa.. ka sila hai sirf bewafai
Pyaar mein .. jaan . .gawai …!
Hum the dewane.. tere dewane…!

Madhu runs off!

Bittu briefs Radha.. about the incident n Radha says.. weird that RK hurts her n then stops her from getting hurt. n Madhu lets him hurt her.. n then gets over the hurt! Duo decide to do something!

RK chides Bittu for not getting the car okayed! His green room in adjacent to Madhus! She gets flashbacks of the incident n RK can hear her crying! He tries to touch her thru the mirror.. sensing her presence n he touches his hand..! Madhu tries to do her chant! She runs off..!

Bittu switches off the power supply on the set n RK rushes to be by Madhus side n asks her to relax n switches on his lighter!

Part 2

RK says.. no more darkness n she says.. she fears what she saw in light not darkness..! Madhu blows out the flame ..turns to leave n RK holds her n says..she will get hurt but Madhu asks why he cares? RK keeps holding Madhu n ends up tearing her kurta shoulder n Madhu slaps him!

Part 3

RK says.. how dare u n Madhu says. .how dare u?? Madhu asks RK will he avenge this 5th slap??? Doing what he couldnt do before all n removes her dupatta!

Precap — RK pulls Madhu out and locks the door behind her! Madhu is trembling!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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