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Madhubala 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK buying a sweepstick from a shop and coming home slowly hiding it. Madhu is happy that he has learnt to buy things. He says he will sweep the house and she ties a hanky to his face to protect him from dust. She says I will bring kitchen items. He says don’t go in such state, I will bring. She says I m fine and will just come. She comes back and says I forgot to take money. She laughs seeing him. He says tell me why are you laughing. She shows him the mirror and cleans his face with her saree end. He says congrats for a honest life. She says you are the man whom I saw in my dreams, I love you. She hugs him smiling. Dau ji says this house is looking so empty without RK, I came here for RK, whats the need to be here if he is not here.

Leela tells Agni that RK and Madhu

are gone, now we have to send Tara and Dau ji to village, so that we get house and we will share it 50-50. Agni asks whats its price. Leela says 20-30 crores. Agni is falling with happiness. Leela says we will get 10 crores each, it’s a lot. We will take 10 days to count. RK says if our home is empty, its ours. Madhu brings some big bags and he takes it. He says why did you not call me, don’t lift heavy things and that too on stairs. She says what to do if stairs are there. He says we will take some other house where we don’t have stairs. She says now I have 7000rs left as I got all kitchen items. He says the sweepstick came for Rs. 25. She asks did you not bargain and teaches him how to do bargaining. Their sweet Nok jok looks good after a long time.

Agni comes to Dau ji and says we came here to separate RK and Madhu, not they got united, why to be here, lets go to village. Dau ji says I was also thinking, but think to stay here, to be here till RK’s son/daughter comes and I will spend some time with him/her. Leela tries to convince Dau ji to go to village and come after few months when the baby is born. Dau ji says fine, I will think well and decide. He leaves. Agni and Leela are very happy. Leela says we will keep telling him to go village and one day he will really go. Agni says when will that day come, I started dreaming about 10 crores.

Madhu is cooking. RK says he is hungry how much time will it take. She says go and bring kerosene from the shop. He says fine and goes with the box. There are many men there in the line. RK hears a woman saying the shopkeeper is selling costly in black. The man says the depot is 4 kms far, go and take it. RK says if I buy it in black, it will be wrong. He asks where is the depot. The woman tells the address. The man says it will take Rs 30 for auto fare. Madhu waits for RK and says where did he go to bring kerosene. She comes out and sees RK is not standing near the shop. She says I will take some kerosene from Shanti Tai and start cooking, but no I won’t take anyone’s help.

RK comes home. She asks where did you go, why so late. He says we went to depot to take kerosene, as the shopkeeper is selling costly and in black, so I went to depot to save Rs 20 and walked 4kms. Hum hai tere deewane…………….plays……………..RK says its fun to save money. She says this money is very special to me, and I will not spend this Rs 20 note, and I will show you this when you become a big man as your first saving. She teaches him how to start the stove and ignite fire.

RK helps Madhu in cooking too. She makes the food and they sit to have it. She asks him to have it. He asks why is one plate. She says as it increases love. He says its very good. He asks his price. She says Rs 125. He says it has two benefits, to increase love and save Rs 125. She tells about milk of Rs. 60 per litre, so if they take half litre of Rs 30, it will be Rs 900 per month. He says we will take 1 and a half litre. She says no, half. He says no cutting in it. She says do what you want. She leaves.

RK tells Madhu that he will not let the milk get less for his child, he can be hungry, but will get fruits and dry fruits for her everyday. Madhu cries happily. RK smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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