Madhubala 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK keeps pulling the dori … Madhu feels scared n shy..! But he ties up the dori..! [Phidde muh] He backhugs Madhu..!

He says.. between Ishq wala love ..he recollected .. kamina wala promise Madhu hugs RK!

BSC’s assistant comes to give bouquet to Trish from BSC..! Everyone comes outside n sees her there..! All ask who sent.. n are told its from Trishs movie producer..!

Paddo asks details n the guy shares.. n Trish shooes him off..! All start to ask Trish.. Roma says.. she din tell anyone..! Shammo asks Trish name of producer .. but she fakes ignorance! She reasons.. not telling all as din wanna divert attention!

All congratulate Trish … Madhu ..Shammo! Roma asks who is the producer n Trish says.. BSC films! RK comes n diverts them all n proceed for dinner..!

Radha gives gift to Paddo.. ! RK closes in on Madhu n says..advantage of getting married.. Biwi n gifts.. but they wont get any gifts..! Madhu asks.. if hewont give her gift! N asks him not to say.. he will wrap himself as gift n RK asks why not!

RK sends Madhu with Paddo… ! RK reasons he is sending her off.. so he can sleep on the entire bed.. so neither she nor pillow lines will irritate! Madhu fumes..! RK puts a watch on Madhus hand n says its reminder that their best times will start after tomorrow..!

At the chawl .. Madhu-Trish decide to do a lil jig.. ! Roma ambushes Trish but she averts n walks off..! RK wonders why Trish din tell family about her movie..! Bittu says.. its strange..! RK suspects .. High level pagal BSC n asks to call him up!

RK asks Ballu about movie status? BSC says..din wanna disturb! Asks BSC if he troubled Trish n he says .. nope..! BSC threatens for THE END on the story …! BSCs men bring guns.. for him…! He says… Beti ko Vidhwa karunga n Vidhwa ko Vida karunga!

Part 2

Dips fumes … rueing that.. seems Rishbala have taken 8 pheras.. 1 is for advance booking..! She rues.. RK is mommas boy now! Sikky hugs her n says…all well between us!

Sikky says he is feeling funny seeing the oldies getting married n after wedding will go for honeymoon or spiritual journey? Dips shakes him off n says..can go to hell..!

Madhu comes to give Shammo meds.. n asks Paddo to rest..! Roma comes with Mehendi pics…! All are watching…! Roma quickly takes Trish moby!

Part 3

Roma tries to check Trish moby n Madhu busts her .. n drags her back upstairs..! Roma manages to take the number n decides to meet..!

Precap — Ballu comes .. n shoots Shammo n Paddo-Trish-Madhu scream..! Ballu says.. how dare Paddo take out Mangalsutra of his name n shoots her too..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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