Madhubala 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 22nd February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK says my guilt, burden is not wrong.. Annie is right.. whatever is happening is coz of me..

Bebe asks why u think so?

Madhu tells Sunny not to worry and she gave chat party to all ..

She rues how she never saw her parents and Dida raised her n she is all …! Then shares how Bittu came in her life and it changed.. n with him got a new family …n u made me family too ..

AK rues that dad did all to make me a star… and ! Bebe says.. that was ur right… n whatever happened was no ones fault… Dun regret n dun be sad…

Sunny is having chat and Madh clicks his pic n then both of theirs

Bebe rues about their family all splitting up … n no love in it… n only AK feels the lack of love and family ..

Madhu follows schedule

of AK n makes oatmeal breakfast for him …! AK comes in the vanity van … n says wanna eat sweets .. n Madhu offers all … but AK says not in diet chart..

Madhu says.. need ur autograph .. as in … neighbors want it… n AK asks why? Madhu says.. about golgappa incident…n AK asks cant talk in a line? Madhu She says the vendor will go jobless so.. n AK agrees..

Madhu is delighted

AK is giving his shot … n director praises…

Madhu brings sweet .. as in fruits and kishmish with honey .. to sweeten it.. n Madhu says.. this dish is called .. SHAHED & Madhu ..

All praise Madhu for getting thru to AK …

Madhu comes to meet AK and he says.. I LOVE U ..! She is stunned..! AK goes to give his shot..!

Pam and Nikhil try to cheer Annie up .. who keeps bashing AK …n Pam chides her.. n asks to grow up!Nikhil reassures her..!

Nikhil – Pam discuss about keeping AK-Annie fighting.. as it serves their purpose..

Madhu watches AK shoot a dance sequence…! BG – Adha ishq..!

Part 2 ..
Sweetie goes to meet her friend n runs into Madhu …

Madhu comes from veggie market.. n Lela chides her for being late.. ! She asks Madhu to make tea for everyone..

Madhu is lost in AKs thots..! He calls n says if u free.. get ready in 10 mins.. sending u my car..!

Precap — Madhu comes in restaurant n sees AK standing holding a rose..! AK tells Madhu that..great ur here..! He says.. i know ur surprised but have something important to tell u ..! Madhu is in shock!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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