Madhubala 22nd February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 22nd February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 22nd February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Radha is elated hearing the days update from Bittu Both are hopeful all will be well

RK interrupts…saying KNOCK KNOCK n that..they thought of the Devil n RK arrived RK suggests to get Bittu admitted to a cookery class as he is busy cooking up.. secrets with Radha! Bittu flees..from there!

RK pulls the chair to let Radha sit..! Flashback of dinner with Madhu-Radha! He loses his appetite!

Trish tries to appease Paddo.. n refuses to eat.. Madhu comes too! She quotes Paddo n says.. she was taught not to leave its an insult n causes stomach ache! Trish too agrees! Paddo says..they dun listen to her other teachings!

Madhu asks Paddo to have faith in Madhu n Trish says..enouf of Meri Maa .. Meri Beti..n eat..! She says Madhu is ‘Choti dynamite..

now that she has erupted she will end one or two for sure’! Trish says the chant!

RK is drinking his room n Dips says.. ‘Kutte ki dum kitni seedhi karlo ..tedi hi rahegi’ n RK asks..she or her hubby Dips says talking of Madhu .. n RK asks her to get OUT of the room! Dips asks what Madhu asked from him? She hugs him from the back..caresses his face.. head.. shoulders ..chest! RK tells her to LEAVE.. n close the door behind! Dips turns.. n RK calls her out!

RK asks if she will do what she said? Dips says..yes..! RK says she is married.. n Dips says.. falling low for him ..will make her feel high! RK says..will need soon! Madhu arrives on the set.. talking on the phone n is limping..! RK notices n is worried..! The actress makes Madhu sit. n apologises for the blow dryer! RK comes n the actress asks him to sit with his wife.. but he says.. NO THANK U … dun hurt pretty girls..! RK says..have small needs.. thodi sharab thoda kabab.. ek ucha pahad.. ek jharna.. jungli billi use bas me karna!

Shot starts …RK and actress are dancing.. BG- Saans mein teri! RK stares at Madhu..n she turns back! Shoot is cut in between.. n then again goes on..! Madhu siping tea as RK shoots!

Shoot interrupted n RK swears.. to do something to PACK UP Madhu…as he is bored seeing her face! And AD tells Madhu to tell heroine that shoot is cancelled.. n she goes!

Part 2

RK sends Bittu to get coffee! Director says shot is ready.. n he asks to call heroine! Madhu says..she left Director come? Madhu explains..she was told .. n Dir screams on her.. n Madhu tries to explain!

Dir says.. one days expense wasted..Madhu decides to call heroine.. ! RK says.. time will be wasted.. better to use duplicate..! RK suggests Madhu to be duplicate!

Part 3

Bittu protests.. n RK says.. u cant look like heroine! Dir agrees n RK says.. he is Right Kameena..!

Precap — Madhu comes wearing the gown and RK says..sorry n starts to remove her gown..! Madhu sheds tears n it falls on RKs hand n he stops!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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