Madhubala 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Shot is over and all walk off! Simmys mom screams… tummy ache …and is rushed away by Simmy! RK tells Madhu that will talk to Mehul and that he has no right to talk to u like this! Radha asks Rishbala why they are back so early? Was it early pack up! RK stays mum! Radha asks why Madhu is quiet? Did he say something to her? RK gets Mehuls call and he walks away! Mehul tells RK that its not my habit to apologize but do say sorry to Madhu on my behalf but it wont solve the problem! We gotta sit and sort this out! Radha asks Madhu the matter and she tells Radha that shot din go well! Radha reassures that it will work out tomorrow! Mehul tells RK that Madhu is a great actress.. but first she has to stop being Madhu and then become Anamika! Radha tells Madhu that first she is RKs

wife and then heroine! Mehul tells RK that next time Madhu has to enter as RKs lover not his wife! No more baggage! Radha sends off Madhu to rest! Pabho tells Dips that today first time Radha has shown us the way! Dips asks what? Pabho says to cut a tree one has to attack the roots and we were attacking branches!Dips says din get u? What are we talking of? Pabho says our mistake is we tried to distance Rishbala.. but Madhus true power is Saas-Bahu relation! Madhu thinks Radha is like mom and if that support is taken from a kid.. it becomes scared..! Pabho says we gotta focus on Madhu-Radha bond.. once thats broken. .all will be destroyed!

At dinner, RK says am done! Pabho insists! RK says tummy full! Bittu follows RK ..! Radha asks Madhu she will eat salad only? She says why so depressed..just talk it out with RK ..! Pabho observes ..and then tells Madhu to make herbal tea for her..! Madhu says ok ..! She goes to make..! Pabho asks Radha the matter? Why Madhu is worried? RK looked upset too! Radha says nothing like that..just small things about the shooting! Pabho tells Radha that today dinner was done early..lets play Ludo to refresh childhood memory! Radha says sure..!

RK tells Bittu cant believe that.. we couldnt get one scene thru in one take? Madhu canned 5 scenes in one take..then what happened now? Bittu says.. she was uncomfy! RK tells Bittu that Madhu is thinking studio is kitchen.. ! Bittu says.. Madhu is not professional actress.. she is not ready for this … other actresses.. do scene and leave.. for Madhu ..he is connected to her… doing such an intimate scene in front of all ..can make her uncomfy..! Bittu says dun think its too big an issue! RK says.. we are cancelling scenes every day.. we gotta find a solution..! Bittu says..why not cancel this scene? RK says if Mehul finds out .. he will cancel the movie.. this is not a solution! Bittu says lemme go and think! Pabho overhears the whole thing and realises..this is what Radha was hiding from them!

Pabho comes to RK and says u look troubled so came to talk! RK says.. nothing major.. will manage! Pabho says with drinks? Dun like u drinking! RK assures next time he will take care! Pabho says good and leaves from there! The ludo game is on and Radhas friends say.. ur home is studio now… RK was superstar Madhu is superstar..! Another says Radha must be singing.. Tare Zameen Par..! Radha asks them to drink juice.. Dips slams the plate of Samosas.. and Radha chides.. her..! Madhu excuses herself..! Pabho comes.. n asks if tired and leaving? Madhu says.. yes! She asks Pabho to take her herbal tea..! She leaves!

Pabho greets Radhas friends..and Radha asks her to join the game! Pabho says.. our RK is making such a huge movie.. wanna go check the shoot ..! Radha is surprised! Pabho says always wanted to but was skeptical..! Radha says.. fine..will tell Bittu! Pabho says the happiness they will get by seeing us there.. will be dun tell from before! Radha agrees! Dips thinks that Pabho must have thot of some plan!

Madhu comes to the room and its dark.. she calls out to RK ..n the lights come and go..! She says know ur where are u? RK comes and covers her mouth! Madhu fumes! RK pulls Madhu close..and they dance on … ‘Raat akeli hai’ ..! RK back hugs Madhu..! RK asks should he says what he has to? This is what she has to do before the set..! Madhu is taken aback! RK says in the movie.. we are Karan-Anamika.. only name changed… body ..soul and passion din change..! Madhu asks RK if they cant delete this scene? RK says we are actors..and a good actor is one.. who does what script demands and fulfills directors vision! Just remember u are Anamika and i am Karan.. forget all else! Madhu says..what about our personal thing before all? RK says we are characters there..we are showing .. Karan-Anamika story..there is no place for RK-Madhu there..! World will come to see Karan-Anamika..!

Part 2

RK says that world is another.. live it like a dream.. forget all else! Madhu says..din used to go on set with Mom and Roma coz couldnt see them in fake relations! RK says no need to think so much .. even if Karan is infront of u . .only Right Kameena will do Badtamezi with u..! Madhu asks RK to stop it!RK says why? RK picks up Madhu and carries her to bed..! BG – Ishq tumhi hai mera!

Part 3

Roma tells Bittu to treat her to coffee! RK-Madhu arrive arm in arm at the set..! Both look confident! Mehul says sent the entire unit out… its not for u RK..its for Madhu ..want that scene and a good one! The shoot begins..! RK tells Madhu not to worry.. coz its just u and me here! Madhu says.. who Madhu? Am Anamika.. ! RK says Ahan! The shot starts..! Mehul says action! Rishbala scene starts..! Bittu tries to explain Roma that if Mehul has sent us must be important! Romas cell rings..and she goes aside! Bittu says ..she is crazy! Radha-Pabho arrive on the set with Dips! Bittu is stunned to see them! Radha says Pabho wants to see the shot! Bittu says right now? Its an important shot so! Pabho says not taking ur permission just telling them! Bittu says Mehul has directed to stay out.. so! Radha says fine! Pabho says we are family we came to see shot.. no one can stop us! Bittu goes to ask RK! Pabho self thot..after coming so far..we cannot stay outside..!

Precap — Dips takes clicks of the scene that Rishbala are shooting! Pabho tells Radha yesterday Madhu was so worried but today she is all ok? What are they doing? RK moves to kiss Madhu! Pabho is shocked!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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