Madhubala 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Abhay seeing his alter ego everywhere. His alter ego makes him realise that Abhay is in love with Madhu. Abhay accepts to himself that he loves Madhu.

Madhu gets a call and goes out to take the call as Leelavathi was taking a nap. Madhu gets job and is called the next day at 10 to join.

Madhu thanks Abhay for helping her find her feet in the city. She adds that she will never join Abhay sir again. While Abhay keeps his phone and thinks that Madhu will surely join the job once again.

Leelavathi and Sweety are on the bed asleep. Madhu is on the floor and is not able to sleep. She worries if her name will be mentioned anywhere in the newspaper and prays to God.

Abhay is also not able to sleep and remembers Madhu’s antics. He dials Madhu but cuts the

call. He mimics Madhu’s response and then goes to sleep thinking he will call Madhu the next day.

Madhu is desperately waiting for newspaper. She sees the newspaper guy and gets all sets of newspaper. She reads Abhay’s interview and is happy that her name is not mentioned in it. She thanks Abhay.

Radhaji’s health is very serious and Bittuji calls Madhu to come back. Radhaji tries to stop Bittuji but Shruti doesn’t let her do it. Madhu says she will come right now.

Madhu is packing and Leelavathi comes there and asks Madhu the matter. Madhu says that she is going to Mathura as Dida is unwell. Leelavathi thinks that since Dida is going to die she’ll get some money from there. Madhu asks Leelavathi to pray for Dida to be fine. Leelavathi agrees.

Madhu is in the auto and remembers her moments with Dida. She prays to God to make Dida well. Her phone rings but she doesn’t take the call. She decides that she will not take help from Abhay and that she will not speak anyone until she meets Dida.

Sweety is seeing TV and Leelavathi advices Sweety to maintain her appearance so that she can get married to someone rich. Abhay comes to Madhu’s chawl and fans gathers making loud noise. Leelavathi goes to check the reason for the noise. She sees Abhay and is excited.

Leelavathi goes and orders Sweety to get ready. Fans start clicking pics and request him to say some lines. Leelavathi comes and takes him to the house. She introduces Sweety to Abhay and all fans try to enter but Leelavathi sends them all.

Abhay asks for Madhu but Leelavathi tries to demean Madhu and convince Abhay to take Sweety for his work instead of Madhu. Abhay recollects Leelavathi as the one who was rude to Madhu on phone the other day.

Leelavathi informs Abhay that Madhu has gone to Mathura as Dida is unwell and needs to undergo an operation. Leelavathi realises Abhay is concerned for Madhu and thinks that Abhay being close to Madhu will also serve her purpose of getting money. She acts very concerned for Madhu’s problem of arranging money for the operation.

Precap: Abhay proposes to Madhu totally filmy style and Madhu is happy.

Update Credit to: Maria

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