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Madhubala 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK and Madhu’s sweet hug. Agni puts kerosene on the room walls and door. She ignites the match stick and looks at the flame. RK says now no one can separate us. Leela blows the stick and says are you mad, come with me. Agni says I will burn them alive. Leela says listen to me, and explains him to be cool, having seen how Bhanu hurried to kill them, and now he does not have any place to hide. He says if they know you have tried to burn them, they will send you back to village. She asks him to loosen RK and Madhu in air with much love, then cut the strong, so that they fall on the ground. She asks Agni to go to her room and sleep. Agni leaves. Leela says mad, don’t know what was she going to do.

Its morning, Madhu wakes up and smiles seeing RK. She sees the lizard and

shouts. RK wakes up and asks what happened. She says lizard. He scolds the lizard and says you are so shameless, to be in our room and see everything. Madhu gets shy. RK jokes again and asks the lizard to go to her home and not tell anyone, he fell from the bed all night, as he does not have the habit to sleep with anyone, he got hurt. The FB scene shows Madhu pushing RK off the bed and then bringing him on the bed with care. He keeps on falling and she gives her hand. He says now I will sleep on ground. She takes him on the bed pulling him over. She laughs and says you were having fun in falling. They argue on how many times he fell. Dau ji calls RK. RK says coming and tells Madhu that he will have bath first as Dau ji is calling him.

He says I want to save water, you can also bath with me. She says Raja, go and smiles. Dau ji asks Madhu not to work, and have food first. Madhu says no, I like serving food. Tara says everything is fine now, why don’t we keep Mata Jagrata at home. Dau ji says no, one thing is pending. Tara asks what. Dau ji says I want to get rid of burden. Tara asks what burden. Dau ji says my property burden and asks RK to come with him to court, as he will name everything to him. Agni is shocked and says how can you do this, even Tara and I have right on it.

RK says don’t fight Agni, you keep everything, I don’t want anything. RK says Dau ji gave me and Madhu so respect and love, I don’t want property. RK says this house is not ours and your property is also of drugs etc, I want to do hardwork and earn honestly, my child will walk on right path. Dau ji says whats the need to earn, take this. Madhu requests Dau ji to give them one chance to walk on a different path. RK says we are going from here and you all can stay here. Dau ji asks where will you live. RK says in a chawl house, near Madhu’s house.

Leela says can you stay there, its closed for much time. Madhu says we will live there and earn what we need. Dau ji and Tara does not allow them to go. Dau ji says you are going in empty room, did you think how things will come. RK says I don’t have a rupee of hardwork. Dau ji asks where will the advance come from, I will give you. Madhu says I have some savings, we will use it for one month rent. Dau ji tells Agni that he is giving ¼ property to her. Agni says she won’t give her rights to everyone. Dau ji says I love RK, as you and him are very different, you are taking poor people’s share whom Lord did not give anything. He asks her to be in her limits and talk with respect. Dau ji asks RK to think about Madhu, as its hard to stay with few clothes and two mats.

Madhu says we will be staying fine. Tara says how, can you sleep on this mats. RK says what did Lord Ram take when he went to Banvaas. Dau ji asks are you going on Banvaas. RK says I m going on love path. Agni says its tough. RK says I m going for my child, so that no one should tell him his father did wrong work, whatever he will get is by honestly earned money. Leela taunts him that he can come back bending his head. Leela says we have much space for you all, you all come and stay there. Dau ji says I will come. Tara gives a Kanha idol to Madhu. RK and Madhu takes Dau ji’s blessings and leave.

RK and Madhu come to the chawl to their new home. RK gives her the keys asking her to open the lock. She holds his hand smiling. They open the lock together. They enter the house and smile seeing it. She says come. He says stop, one min. He puts talcum powder on the ground. She smiles and sees he wrote welcome with it. He says now do the Grav Pravesh. She slips by the powder and he holds her. Kaisa ye ishq ye junoon hai maahi……………plays…………….. He moves the hair from her face and Hum hai tere deewane……………..plays………………….. They have an eyelock. RK says no bride would have done a better grah pravesh than this.

Madhu laughs. RK asks why is she laughing and she shows the mirror. He says congrats for new life. She says you are that RK, which I saw in my dreams, I love you. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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