Madhubala 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Pam is surprised to see Madhu n asks what u doing here? Madhu says.. i cant see.. cant u?

Bebe calls out to Pam n Pam introes Madhu to Bebe..!

Pam asks if u cant see why take this job? Madhu says.. u should help folks who are in trouble.. afterall u r sect too ..! Pam fumes on Madhu n says shut up . .n Bebe is delighted n leads Madhu inside..

Nikhil is shocked seeing Madhu … Pam says she is AKs P.A

Bebe asks u identified me? Madhu says just by ur voice.. n apologizes for her behavior.! Bebe says.. no need if only daughter was here too ..

AK says dunno .. why dad din name trust fund on u? Annie asks… taunting me? Well u know pretty much .. why ..coz for dad only u mattered..! Sign ..

AK says.. we need to clear out issues between

us. . u know dad loved u more… so just shut up …! Just coz of u.. dad is not with me..! Annie snatches papers from him n AK asks do i need to sign? Annie says.. not in mood to beg.. . n walks off

Bebe calls up AK .. n says how in one hour ..created lots of drama.. n AK says.. sorry for all her mess..! Bebe says.. thanks …she is very sweet.. a lil jhalli . but pyari si jhalli ..

Madhu comes on set… holding AKs tea..! AK is giving shot..! She trips and ends up in AKs arms…! RK banner pose.. n snowflakes falling! BG- Adha ishq..

Director says.. perfect shot.. just need heroine now..!

Madhu says how she brought AK’s tea… n he makes her sit.. in one place..! Madhu says how she brought tea carefully for him n din let it drop n ends up turning it upside down.! AK puts her specs on her..!

AK goes to give take n Madhu drools ..

Annie asks AK to pass rice to her.. n then taunts.. that they need AK for everything …

Lela-Sweetie-Bittu-Madhu are having golgappa… n sends Bittu off n makes Madhu pay..! She says dun have money . n Lela says.. u can afford touchscreen phone… so u can ask for loan from office n pay for this..!

Part 2
AK gets up to leave but Bebe makes him sit! Asks Annie to speak out…she says.. coz of AK we have to beg for money …

Bebe says further speak out … ! Pam asks Annie to say sorry.. but she walks off..!

Part 3

Golgappa vendor asks Madhu to pay …! She says.. can wash ur utensils.. or make chatni..! He says.. not needed..

Madhu notices AK’s hoarding n offers to get his autograph … for free..! All are excited..! Sunny compliments Madhu for her positivity

AK asks Bebe to let it be.. n offers to give money to Annie..! Bebe says do what u do for love not burden ..!

Precap — AK is in vanity van. .n rehearsing dialogs..! He looks in mirror n says … I love u ..! Madhu is on cloud 9 ..! She says.. AK said I L U to me..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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