Madhubala 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu asks why she has to go to RKs vanity? The heroine says..its an order!

Madhu comes in RKs vanity..! BG-Hauslo se..! Madhu knocks on RKs vanity van door n RK asks.. if her heart beat faster.. when she heard RK needs her?

RK asks her to close the door once she gets inside..n she does! RK asks for head massage..! RK tells her where oil is n Madhu says..she knows.. n RK says..coz she was here before!

Madhu spills oil ..n calls spot to clean or RK might not like n RK teases..saying she cares..! Dil toota ..puncture hua.. fracture hua.. but she din stop! RK asks Madhu to react.. n forget RKs action.. but she doesnt!

Madhu walks near RK n her dupatta stuck.. in his coat.. bg-Bin tere! RK stops himself from removing it.. n Madhu removes.. the dupatta.

! Madhu gives RK hair massage..! Flashbacks of past! RK says enouf..!

Madhu starts to leave n RK says.. not done.. n starts to unbutton his shirt.. n Madhu is flustered! ! RK asks why is the lioness nervous? He asks her to give back massage..! Flashback again..! RK asks if she wishes to run? He says..she is like dust..which can be simply blown over..! Madhu storms out. .slips on oil n falls..! RK rushes out n massages her feet! He asks if she is in pain.. ! Eyelocks..! Madhu pulls her leg off..and tries to get up but struggles..!

RK tries to help but she refuses his help..! RK picks up Madhu in his arms and asks for chair..! He tells her that its more fun to fight.. when both are equals.. n she is in no fun fighting..coz only he has sole right to beat n hurt her..!

Bittu asks if she is ok? She says yes..! Madhu is limping.. Bittu offers lift. .but Madhu refuses! Bittu says…she has lived her life she is fine..! She goes off in rick!

Paddo sees her and asks what happened to her..n she says.. nothing! Madhu diverts..talking of food..! Trish puts oinment on her leg! In the car.. RK is lost in thoughts of the day spent with Madhu.. n jerks off..!

RK tells Bittu n driver to come in taxi n drives off..! Bittu rues that.. hope RK doesnt go too far to beat Madhu ..else he wont find anything to return back!

Part 2

During dinner, Paddo tells Madhu that he got to know she tripped coming out of RKs vanity..! Madhu evades.. but Paddo chides her..n tells her to stay at home..!

Madhu says sarcastically ..that.. they talked of her fighting back.. but now n Paddo says.. she wont RKs set.. thats all.!

Part 3

Madhu asks why?? Coz of RK?? She asks from where will Paddo throw RK out? She cant cower down.. ! She says..she will go to set .. stand in front of RK with head held high! Wont break.. bend nor hide..!

Paddo says..fine ..fight. .n dun listen n walks off!

Precap — RK calls out to Dips and asks .. if what she said.. will she really? Dips says.. yes..! RK says. to think thru as she is married..! Dips says..she has thought thru..! RK sets her hair lock n goes off.. saying he will need it soon!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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