Madhubala 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Dolly is delighted Madhu quit …while Pam-Nikhil fume ..about Madhus attitude..! Tamanna too agrees..!
Pam offers to select Secretary for AK and Bebe taunts.. oh senior Sect. to choose junior Sect. ..! Bebe wonders why did Madhu quit? Why hide her face to the world?Pam says.. AK’s g.f din run … his PA left.. why discuss so much?
Nikhil resolves to teach Madhu a lesson ..and spread dirt about her in media! AK fumes n says. .u spoke a lot.. for Madhu .. n now not more..! Money is not everything in life..but for some people respect is more… so shut up…!
Bebe comments that coz of Madhu .. things of changed…  AK knows who to respect and who to tear apart..! Lela asks Madhu if she has sold her brains? Link up with AK .. hurts AK not

Madhu ..! Bittu doesnt have money . .n what about Radhas treatment? Who will pay for all this?
She shares that Bittu has gone to Mathura to check on Radha as she is sick .. ! Madhu is worried.. n tries to contact Radha but Lela says.. no use shedding tears now … She says.. no one will give her job when they hear she left AK’s job ..! She suggests to resume work at AK’s place…! Madhu is confused.. !
Sweetie too .. tell her the same ..Madhu calls Bittu n checks about Radha.. n she speaks to Radha! Radha says. .. know ur hiding ur tears…! Bittu informs Radha is not well … n needs operation ..! Radha tells Madhu no need for operation .. dun wanna live long..! Bittu says.. not to worry.. he will take care of Radha..!

AK tells a person to save Madhus name.. out of media.. ! Bebe overhears and asks wow.. so much to save a P.A’s name? Whats up with u? Bebe says.. guess u have started liking Madhu . .n ur heart knows it..coz no girl can be more cultured like Madhu ..!

AK starts listing Madhus fault.. how she is not punctual.. always messes up … n is nuts..! Bebe asks n still u remember it all? Signs of love..AK is stunned..n refutes.. Bebe says .. think with ur heart not head… n if ur heart agrees to what i say … dun let that girl leave the job .. nor ur life..She gives her bangles to put on Madhu as shagun!

Part 2

Bebe is excited about the prospects of AK being in love .. n says decided to rehearse on punju songs ..

AK says.. ur over-reacting and Bebe says.. ur over-protective..

U make her feel special .. if u feel special for her ..

AK recollects all moments with Madhu …

Madhu is looking for jobs … n Lela is worried ..! Madhu ends up dropping a cup of tea… and Lela fumes on her ..

AK imagines Madhus crying face … n him silencing her …

Madhu resolves to find a new job … and says cant take AKs help always..!

Precap — Madhu gets call from some office for her job ..and Madhu resolves that.. no matter what wont return on this job ever and AK resolves to bring Madhu back on the job!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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