Madhubala 20th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th July 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Cop says.. they have found the body n ask her to accompany to identify the body! Madhu asks Bittu n lawyer to work out a way..!

Madhu goes with the cop!

They come to the morgue and Cop asks Madhu to identify ..! Madhu is nervous She removes the cloth from the body’s face with shaking hands and is shocked to see its Sultan! She screams Sultan n RK in his cell says.. Madhu

Madhu is talking to Bittu n tells him its Sultan Bittu asks if she is fine? She says yes..! She says.. just helped Radha to sleep .. n says ..she was too scared for a minute..!

Madhu says.. was scared..that may be RK did.. kill Sultan but .. n Bittu asks her to relax.. n says he is with lawyer n will handle all ..! He says its touf times but all will be ok! Bittu says scared of press


rues.. that have handsome face.. n cant show anyone coz of RK! Dips rues that cant believe RK can kill anyone.. n that too a big don like Sultan.. ! She rues. ..if only she knew the plan!

Sikky puts hand on Dips shoulder n she is stunned! She tells Sikky aab RK ka kya hoga n Sikky says. .public will chase him to write .. Mera Bhai Khooni hai..!

RK slams papers away..! He is offered tea..! Cop says.. he did social service.. by killing Sultan..n says.. he deserves forgiveness for the deed..!

Sultan says.. not gonna seek forgiveness! He says regret killing a person.. thats all ..! Media surround Madhu n ask her about Sultan shooting.. if RK-Sultan are brothers? Bittu chides them n guides Madhu to police station!

Madhu comes to RK ..he is smiling but she is crying He says…cant live without me.. BIWI? Madhu hugs RK n he says..if she cries like this ..his tshirt will get wet. .n dun have another! Madhu wipes her tears!

RK teases her saying. .the bed on which he used to sleep FAIL ke.. she is sleeping alone..! He asks how was first night sleeping without him after marriage ..SCARED? Madhu says she is strong!

RK says.. people are waiting for Biwi to be heroine n Madhu hugs n says..happy being what he is!

Lawyer comes (new entry) Bittu says.. our lawyer. .n RK asks to put a door n knock n come .

Lawyer asks for all details ..n RK describes ..! Lawyer says its self defense..! Madhu says. .not so easy a case! He says have two eye witness.. Madhu-Bittu..! He asks if anyone saw RK shooting? Madhu says no ..n lawyer no evidence..! He says.. both RK-Sultan finger print on gun so that will help ..too!

Madhu thanks him (Mr. Patil)

Reporter says hearing of case will start from next day! Sikky offers Radha food ..she refuses..!

Madhu comes n Radha asks how is he? She says fine n says will be with them soon by Gods grace..! She says all know Sultans past record. .n RK shot for self defense .n RK will be freed soon! Bittu asks Radha to cook RKs fave food while Madhu will feed him! Sikky asks Bittu to get married!

Madhu feeds Radha!

Part 2

Reporter says theres a big new twist.. Shivdutt Marathe is fighting against RK .. who is unbeatable .till date!

Bittu says..he is shrewd and dangerous criminal lawyer…he hates celebs.. ! He says.. he is a big shot.. but suddenly why in RKs case? He says there is something amiss in here

Madhu tells Radha ..all will be well …!

Part 3

RK recollects teasing Madhu about the bed n says. wouldnt have slept . cried a lot. .n washed face… BG- Kaisi hai ye udasi chaiye.. Madhu sits on the bed .. and lies on it.. ! RK smiles thinking of her!

Madhu goes to lie on the floor RK looks at moon n thinks of how Madhu said if he looks at Moon n she too .. then they will feel near to each other..!

Precap –Prosecution says.. that law is equal for all has to be proved ..! Judge says after hearing both sides decided that … RK and screen freezes .. on a crying Madhu

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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