Madhubala 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu sneezes and AK offers his stole to her..! She notices his coffee is getting cold and AK says its for u… drink it ..

Madhu sips loudly ..while drinking ..n says no sugar in it.. n AK says sugar is not good for health..

He gifts her a phone.. n says.. being my PA i need to be able to contact u at all times! Madhu is delighted..! AK says.. tomorrow morning wake me up at 6am .. remind me of vitamins. n schedule for day! He thanks her for saving his life ..! Madhu is delighted..

Madhu is at home n happily admires her moby gifted by AK ..! Sunny comes and shares how he met someone very pretty on the road.. whose car had broke down.. [Fenil shown] Then he dropped her off at mechanic ..!

Madhu asks asked her name? Sunny says looked very well

to do. .must be living in mansion!

The girl shown rushing to her brother… n its Ashu .. AK’s sister..! He says why worry so much for me? Am Ayesha kapoor..! She asks ..shuld i ask. how ur PA is.. or was? AK says.. still there! She asks made her nuts already? AK says.. she is born nuts..!

Madhu says.. how AK named her.. Ms.Kamli .. n held her hand..

AK says what all mess Madhu did.. n Ashu asks..fired her yet or not? AK says did. .but kept her on job again! Ashu keeps grilling him n he says.. hv scripts to read.. so ..!

AK leads Ashu to her room n she says.. how she is worried.. what AK will do .. without her? Ak says wont let u marry ..

Madhu wakes up with start.. n notices .. its too early to get up.. n finally wakes up late..! She is unable to sue her moby …but somehow manages to..! She calls AK wake him up ..n he fumes for delay

Part 2

Lela asks Madhu to make breakfast…! Madhu says have to reach studio … already late..! Madhu changes.. n makes breakfast..

Bittu comes n offers to help out!

Part 3

Madhu arrives on set… n AK is already there..! Madhu is walking towards AK n ends up tripping . n falling at his feet…! She breaks her specs..!

AK asks her to get it repaired… n counts out her inefficiency .. n late coming …

He asks her to go to his home n points her the way to exit but she trips on stuff.. coz of no specs..!

Madhu feels like she has been at RK mansion before..!

Precap — Madhu doesnt identify Pam ..coz of having no specs n tells her as sect we need to do our work on time. n now no need to tell sorry.! Bebe smiles..! Pam fumes on her..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. The cvs have made the new madhu like a duffer vd no brains.where is d spark in her like her mom n dad.she sounds like a typical loser..

  2. I don’t like madhu’s behaviour

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