Madhubala 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells RK that she has moved on and she can credit him.. for teaching her to love herself.. n care for herself..! She says. .m sorry.. Madhu wont break.. nor bow down..and so he can call security.. but the defeat will be his.. coz RK is the superstar.. shining in the sky ..and she a simple earth particle..! RK asks.. if she wont quit? Madhu says.. no way..! RK says..lets see how long u enact? Madhu says..actors act.. she is a simple girl! RK says.. she doesnt know RK..she will break! Madhu says..she wont..! RK says..shall see n Madhu says..go ahead..n she is ready..! RK says.. THREE DAYS n she will be out n Madhu says.. she will work for the whole month aka 30 days…! RK says.. she is mistaken.. he wont let her stay here for more than 3 days..! Madhu smiles..! RK says. .nothing

to smile ! Madhu says.. RK the superstars.. biggest aim in life is to ruin the life of a simple girl… why doesnt he take something? Vodka.. Jin. .Whisky or Scotch?? Madhu swears she will stick around ..for thte whole schedule.. n even he knows..whose promise holds value n who fakes.! Madhu says.. All the best.. to RK n goes off! RK says.. gonna regret… dunno who u are up against… EX BIWI!

Trish asks Madhu if she is sure?? She says.. he is RK .. n he can go to any limit to get what he wants..! Madhu says..till now she had kept herself in limit. .now she will go beyond it and so RK too will have to go beyond his limits..! Trish hugs Madhu n they fall asleep..!

Radha asks Bittu..what sort of challenge is this?? Three days?? Bittu says..he overheard.. n that he is troubled..dunno what RK will do! Radha says..its good.. as their venom can be out.. in three days.. n then there will be space for love between RK-Madhu! Bittu fears about something wrong happening! RK says.. fear has to take his permission..but what fear is being talked of? The plan to humiliate RK?? Radha n Bittu says.. ofcourse not.. they cant do bad to him! RK says.. not bad Maa.. even u are saying dialogues! Bittu tells RK that the shift is from 9am…and RK says…he needs to go good players dun start late..! RK says..its a special day.. gonna come? Bittu says..yes..!

Madhu is getting ready to go to work…! Trish gives Madhu hair dryer and other new stuff..! Madhu says..why so much expenditure? Trish says.. Paddo n she added money to help her win! Madhu says..wasnt needed..! Paddo says…to let them worry..! Trish teases saying..they did..make a huge sacrifice.. so now Madhu has to.. take them to Juhu Chowpatty! Madhu smiles..!

RK is shooting.. in police uniform and says.. kanoon ke hath bahut lambe hai.. thappad marunga tumhare gaal par! RK sees Madhu n says.. Tum aai to apni marzi se.. par jaogi meri marzi se.. Amitabh Bachchan! 1975! RK rolls his police danda n Madhu holds n slams on RKs table n tells RK .. Ye police station hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi..! Zanjeer 1973!! Madhu turns n leaves.. n RK says.. AHAN!

Shoot is on.. the heroine is there with RK .. n asks RK how was her day? RK says.. to worry about her hair.. as it looks like someone has messed it up! The heroine calls for Madhu..! Madhu comes.. n works on the hair..! RK says..that he thought.. Madhu wont come after yesterdays maha-yudh! The heroine asks what Maha yudh! The heroine says ok for the hair! The shoot re-starts..! RK says that.. day was normal.. n hit 3 goons n bullet went past 1 foot above his heart..! Madhu looks on! RK tells CUT n says.. heroines hair is not ok .. ! Director says.. hair is ok! RK says.. then he can be the actor.. he will be ok! Madhu is ok! RK says.. to change style..! Madhu takes the heroine inside to work on her hair..! They return a while back ..! Shoot is on again! RK says the clip on the heorines hair is bothering him so take it off n she calls Madhu n Madhu takes it off..! Right then RKs cell rings. .n its the journalist Chanda Ramanai! Madhu uses thet hair dryer.. and RK asks her to keep it low! But Madhu doesnt listen! RK screams out and says.. to shut it off! RK asks why is she ruining the heroines hair..! RK tells the heroine that Madhu is doing it on purpose.. n her career will end before it starts.. n that her hair are looking horrible.. n will look worse! The heroine shouts on Madhu n says..she is spoiling her hair on purpose n pushes Madhu due to which the hair dryer falls off n it breaks..! RK smirks..! Madhu recollects Trish words while gifting her the hair dryer..! RK looks on..! He taps Madhus shoulder and says that she is in between the shoot!

Part 2

RK says start shoot! He tells the heroine her hair is looking lovely! The scene is being reshot..! The scene is okayed.. n its lunch break! Madhu goes off.. ! Bittu comes n sits next to Madhu and says..that he felt she will quit..coz of RK n his deeds! Madhu says..he calls Madhu sis.. n this is what he thinks of her? Madhu asks him to eat..!

RK tells Heroine to hire a new hair dresser.. ! She says..but he said it was lovely! He says..they are . .n asks for a favour! He tells the heroine that he wants to borrow..her hairdresser..! The heroine is taken aback..!

Part 3

RK says..if she is ok with it n whispers something to her ..! The heroine agrees! RK walks past Madhu-Bittu and smiles on..! The heroine tells Madhu that she has to go to RKs vanity! Madhu is taken aback and asks why? The heroine says..its an order… so go! She walks off too! Madhu is taken aback..!

Precap — Madhu gives RK head massage and feels emotional..! She starts to walk away but RK calls back n says.. EK MINUTE .. .n starts to unbutton his shirt..! Madhu feels nervous..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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