Madhubala 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Reporter asks if RK is launching new heroine coz all others said no? RK says yes..coz God ruined brains of all heroines..

Reporter asks Mehul if he agrees to the choice? He says audience will decide..not me!

Roma asks about Simmy to her mom and both call out to her..! She comes out of washroom with allergy on her face!

Reporter asks when will he intro his heroine? RK says soon …its her first public appearance so just like moon..who had her face covered with clouds..she is taking time.. she is a girl ..!

Roma tells Bittu to send doctor.. as Simmy has skin allergy..! Bittu looks at RK and RKs face falls.. ! Bittu prays to Bappa.. n then takes RK aside in his green room n informs RK!

Amar comes to attend the conference too and says to Kuku that lots

of explosions will happen n it will end RK! Simmys mom applies ice on Simmys face..! She says chocolates have nuts and that causes allergy to Simmy..!

RK says what crap? Bittu says Roma informed and has allergy on her tounge..she cant speak! RK says next week mahurat then? Bittu says spots will be on Simmys face n body we cant shoot ..n Bank loan?

RK locks himself in his green room and recollects Amars words..that ur finished RK ..! RK is teary eyed..! RK breaks things around He starts drinking! Reporter asks Mehul ..where is RK?? Is anything wrong? Amar n Kuku says sama roshan hone se pehle hi andhera ho gaya..! Reporter asks where is heroine? Bittu tries to get RK out . n then calls Madhu n tells all..!

Madhu leaves everything and rushes to the studio..all watch shocked..! Pabho asks what happened? All are shocked..! Guruji is entering RK mansion and Madhu walks past him and he stops midway..!

Pabho asks Dips to get the aarti thal ready .. [Seema Kapoor as Pabho]

Guruji comes and they take his blessing..! Dips comes with thali ..and Pabho welcomes him with aarti..!

Guruji asks who was the girl who went from here? Pabho says Madhu ..! He says felt i know her..!

Part 2

Reporter asks where is RK? And when hero was there no heroine. .is heroine there? Mehul says she is there..! Amar tells RKs life is on fire..and will be destroyed now! Amar asks reporters to ask about finance and he asks… heard finance depends on Mahurat? All corner Mehul but he keeps mum! Kuku says .. Kaleja lagega fatne to khairat lagegi batne..! Where is RK?

Madhu keeps banging on the door and tells RK to open the door but RK doesnt open! Bittu pleads as well..! Madhu says. .if u dun open the door will hurt myself and RK opens the door..!

Part 3

Madhu tells RK .he has to handle himself.. n says u said am ur lucky charm.. we will find ur way! RK says ..right road to his destruction and left road to his ill luck and u turn to the PH ban n then in front road to SuperFlop! RK says this film industry used to run after me…today am alone..! RK says.. no heroine = no finance = no film = no repute = no RK ! Madhu says.. we will find a way..! RK asks.. will u be my heroine? Madhu is quiet! RK says no?? Film over = The END

Bittu tells Madhu to help him ..stop RK! Mehul asks where is RK? RK looks at his movies posters ..and all fans chanting for him..! Mehul says so all is over..!

Mehul tells Madhu that she wants to see RK .. save him from destruction? Only she can do it… aab nahi to kabhi nahi Madhubala…!

Precap — Dance sequence… Mil gai.. asman se… ! Heroine emerges from a flower …! Its Madhu …!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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