Madhubala 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK tells Madhu that he has right on her death too coz she is just his..! Har dhadkan tumhari meri hai. .har saas par haq hai mera.. tu zinda kisi aur shareer me hai. bas itna sa haq hai tera! RK cups Madhus face n tells Madhu that never to take any of his right away from him! RK hugs Madhu . .BG – Bas haq hai ek mera! Madhu doesnt hug RK back immediately just grinds her fist..!

Later Dips comes n knocks at Radhas door with a jug of water..! Radha asks the matter n if Sikky is ok? Dips says yes n is asleep! Dips says.. she wasnt sure there was water in Radhas room so. .n Radha says .. servant kept! Radha asks Dips to go n sleep but Dips is stationary! Radha asks the matter…? Dips says.. yes.. n that in these past few days.. lots have hapepned n finally all is well but

they should have a puja.. they have for newly married ones..! Dips says.. good idea.. n that Madhus return has influenced Dips . .n Dips says.. honestly .. that she is not sure if she can express her heart felt feelings. .for the family or not. but happiness is giving another chance to them n they should tie it to them forever..! Radha agrees n says.. puja will happen next day..itself! Dips says..that no idea RK will understand.. n since its Suhagans they can keep it for women only ..n asks Radha to invite her circle.. n RAdha says.. she is seeing Dips new avtar..! She says..she is very happy to see Dips love for hte family n puja will be kept next day! Dips asks Radha to call the pandit rightaway..n Radha says. he can curse her..for ruining her sleep! Radha asks Dips to be by her side for arranging for hte Puja n Dips assures she will be by her side.. n asks her to go n rest.!

Dips self thought.. Madhu can lie to the whole world.. her mom .. her hubby ..her in law.. but God? Lets see.. how Madhu saves herself from getting exposed ..Madhubala darling! Madhu offers to get water for RK n comes to kitchen.. wearing RKs coat over her gown! Dips greets her n tells her that they had gone to Madhus chawl.. n Madhu is taken aback! Dips says..they patched up.. n then asks why is Madhu so surprsied? She says..all is well n Radha comes n says.. they met Paddo n apologised.. to her! Madhu asks why Radha n Dips went there? Dips says.. Madhu said she left all for RK…so now they need to do something for her…too..! Radha assures Madhu not to worry n that she is a mom n understands Paddos situation too! She asks Madhu to go n rest as next day there is a lot of work to do! Dips smirks..n Madhu is confused! Radha leaves. .n so does Dips..but she signals to MAdhu that she is watching her..!

Next day morning, Madhu wakes up and seeks RK by her side.. n RK says.. Pukarti ho jab tum ..apna naam khas lagne lagta hai.. kuch khanak si bajti hai.. aur orhcestra bajta hai..! Suraj se kya RK tells MAdhu bade haseen hai pair tumhare.. inhe zmaeen pe rakh do.. ! Madhu gets up n sees a flower way..made for her..! RK says.. let these flowers get a chance to touch u..before dying out..! Madhu walks up to RK n RK asks if the sleep was deep? Ofcouse.. stole my sleep n slept .. so double dose! RK says..culdn sleep.. as kept thinking about what Madhu did..! RK says.. that he realised that the doubts he had. the questions he had.. were so empty.. n that now he trusts her…!! RK asks MAdhu to promise that she wont ever do what she did the previous nite..! RK says..that if she dare hurt herself in her dreams..he will barge in her dreams n destroy her! RK ask for promise.. n MAdhu gives her hand in his n says.. Vada..! RK says.. if she has promised like a good girl..what does she want? Choco milk shake or coffee? RK leads Madhu to a big potrait of Rishbala [from the KC nite]..Madhu says its beautiful n RK says..ofcourse as he is there with her! He says that.. when she was not with him..he was burning.. n why not coz she was away from him but despite that she was his.. n now she is with him.. near him… in his arms.. n will stay so..! RK hugs Madhu n Madhu hugs him reluctantly but grinds her teeth!

RAdha calls out to the servant n asks to set more chairs for guests n gives the aarti thal to him! Madhu comes to the kitchen n asks the matter? Radha asks for RK n Madhu says..was 7am left early! Radha asks Madhu to come with her .. n Dips watches..! Radha gives Madhu saree n jewellery ..n asks her to wear n come fast..! Madhu tries to talk but Radha says. .no questions..asked.. hurry! Madhu goes to get ready!

Part 2

Madhu is dressed up in the blue saree.. n recollects Paddos words of never crossing the limits…in her revenge..! Madhu puts the jewellery on..! Radha comes n says. .now she looks like her BAHU n helps her wear the kangans..! Madhu asks ..why all this? n for whom ? Radha says..its a surprise..! Radha says.. somethin is missing.. still puts a big RED color Bindi on Madhus forehead..! She says ..looking nice..! Madhu asks if its a bit too much? Radha says..todays girls..dun understand anything… the big Bindi is meant for Suhagans .. n that it looks like she is decked up..! Radha says.. she has called the Pandit n there is a special puja…which the BAHU of the house do..! Madhu is surprised! Radha says..should have done earlier.. but now all is well so now its time to thank God.. as he brought her BAHU back home..! Radha asks Madhu to dress up fast n come down..! She leaves..!

Part 3

Dips comes to Madhu n says.. dharam sankat.. one side aim . .another side.. ..well Dipali Bhabhi … lol ..! She smirks at Madhu n Madhu looks away..! Dips say..she is sweating .despite AC? Dips tells Madhu all are waiting for the BAHU of this house.. even Bappaji is waiting.. so hurry up! Dips says.. she managed to fool humans.. lets see how much she can lie before GOD ..! Madhu stares at Dips. .n Dips smiles on!

Precap — Pandit asks Madhu to put ghee on the havan kund.. n Madhu puts Water.. n the holy fire gets doused..! Pandit is shocked n Radha asks him to ignite the fire again but he says. .its Ominous.. so cant..!


Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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