Madhubala 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st March 2014 Written Update

Nikhil is confused what to do now. Pam says that go and struggle in streats now. Ananya says that I know you will surely make a way out. Pam says that I will surely do something as I have done so much to fake with AK being her mom. PAm turns and sees A standing. AK is shocked and everyone else. AK says that I didnt had time to ask you all. Pam says that we were very upset with what all happened. AK says that I have left the film industry. Pam says that why did you take ananya’s words so seriously. She says that ananya wants to ask forgiveness. AK says that this is the first time she asked me something and I am happy that I gave her. AK leaves.

Nikhil thank god that AK didnt listened to anything. Pam tells both to ask her before saying anything to anyone.

Doctor says that bebe is having

BP so she needs to be happy. AK says that do anything but make bebe fine. Doctor says that I have sent a nurse for her. Aayesha is watching him and comes upto him and hugs him. AK says that I am fine. She says that no one is happy with your decision. AK says that we need to make bebe happy all the time.

She suggest to appoint Madhu to take care of bebe as she is a little crack and she can take care of bebe very well.

Madhu is standing outside the mobile shop. She says that someone else bought this phone and I am selling it for my selfish reasons. She says but I need to send money for Dida. The salesman says that he can give 20,000 for this phone. Madhu gets happy. AK is calling Madhu but is unable to.

The salesman ask her what to do with this sim card. She ask for a cheap phone. He says it will be of Rs. 1,000. Madhu thinks to send 10,000 to Radha ji , 5,000 to Lela and from the rest 5,000 she can buy a phone. The salesman says that he don’t have it right now and ask her to come tomorrow. Madhu takes the money and leaves.

Madhu calls shruti and says that she has arranged 10,000 and she will send them soon. Shruti says that other 10,000 will be needed in next 10 days. Madhu says that she will arrange them.

Madhu comes home and gives Lela 5,000. Lela sees money in Madhu’s hand and snatches them also saying that its advance for rest of the months also. Madhu is worried and says that she needs them. Lela taunts her and gives her 500 to bring vegetables for home. Madhu is sad. Pam says that we will make AK’s wedding a grand wedding. Nikhil and ananya are shocked and confused. Pam says that bebe wants AK to get married, but for AK I will find the girl who has a great sense of humor. On the other hand Madhu is purchasing vegetables and talking to herself that the money is given to family members only, so why being sad. Pam says that I will find a girl who loves herself and money and lives for Money only. A girl who doesnt have heart. Nikhil says that what will happen next. Pam says that a girl who will fake love for Ak and AK will fall in love with her and when AK proposes the girl, she will dump him. And that time AK will be all heartbroken and that time he will not care about his property and he will need only one person whom he can share his feeling. Pam says that at that time I will support him. Madhu is thinking of tomorrow when she has to fight for 10,000. He prays god to be with her and suddenly a car comes in front of her and all the vegetables fall.

AK tells Madhu ‘Ye lo pakdo apne gobi ka phool .. u fool’

Madhu says sorry. .din notice ur car and AK says.. with those thick specs.. u culdn see my car?

All start getting excited seeing Madhu so AK asks her to sit in the car n duo drive off..! AK asks Madhu where her phone is and why its off? Madhu says sold it off..! Madhu fakes about Radha’s sickness.. n says.. din have salary so sold it off…! AK says could have asked..! Madhu says tried..but!

Madhu rues from now one..we both have to sell things and survive..! AK says it stinks and Madhu says.. u sniff like dogs i guess!

AK tells Madhu have a job offer … need help for Bebe..! He says.. want ur help .. n will give u one month salary in advance..!

Precap — AK says put seat belt on and Madhu is drooling as AK puts her seat belt on!

Update Credit to: Dimple

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