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Madhubala 1st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhu missing Dida and seeing her pic. RK comes to talk to her and Bhabhi asks did he have any work. RK says I want to talk to you. Madhu says I don’t want to talk and leaves. RK gets angry and Bhabhi tells him that whats happening with Madhu is wrong, I thought you are different from everyone, as I spoke my heart out to you, as you respect women, but you become like everyone, what happened with Madhu that night, it hurt me a lot, and now you all are blaming her for Bai ji’s death, I m sad, she did not do this. RK says you are not saying this, its her words, she fooled you, you are favoring her now. Bhabhi says yes, as I feel she is true.

She says Bhanu went her home and said Bai ji is unwell, but did not tell her that Bai ji needs blood and only RK can give it, so free

him from jail. RK says she is blaming Bhanu for hiding her mistake. Bhabhi says if she is lying, then why did she save you, if you feel Bhanu is right, when Bhanu said Madhu tried to kill you, why did you save Madhu from his bullet, don’t tell you hate her, as you said you don’t hate her now. RK thinks. Leela tells Dida to go to Madhu, as they are very close, she should go to her and Madhu will be happy. Bittu says no, I know how much they will respect Dida there.

Agni says you can’t blame us, are you coming or shall I go. Dida says I will go. Leela asks Bittu not to stop her and let her go. Dida says yes Bittu, I want to see Madhu once. Agni smiles. Dida says I want to see in which state she is, lets go. Bittu nods yes. Agni says come. Dida goes with her. Leela thinks its good she got rid of Dida and Madhu, they should never come back. RK comes to talk to Madhu but she ignores him. He tries to talk and says I want to ask something. She says what I had to say, I already told you. She leaves. RK thinks why to ask Madhu if I don’t want to listen, she told me about Bhanu, there is something that I m not seeing or maybe I don’t want to see.

Agni brings Dida home. Madhu is shocked seeing her and hugs her. She asks why did you come here. Dida says I came to see you, I was worried about you. Madhu says but…. Agni says I brought her here, we have many rooms, she can be here, you both can have good time here. Dida sees Madhu’s burnt hand and asks whats this. Madhu says nothing, it burnt, now its fine. Agni says she hides her pain, its her bad habit, loved ones are to share pain and wipe tears. Dida says yes, you are right, tell me Madhu. Agni asks Madhu to tell her that RK punished her and made you light the diya at Bai ji’s pic, then he put the diya in your hand and it burnt. Dida cries.

Tara asks Agni why is Dida here. Agni says she will stay here, show her room. Tara takes her inside. Agni tells Madhu that you have bear it easily when your hand burnt, but today when Dida cried, you can’t bear this. Madhu says punish me, but don’t bring Dida in this. Agni says we brought her to cry on your pain, now your lovely Dida will see you getting punished, she will cry seeing you in pain, and then you will be really punished, lets see your strength now. Agni leaves smiling.

RK talks to Dau ji and says we are enough for Madhu, tell Agni not to get into my matter. Agni says why not, its our matter, she was our Bai ji. They argue about Dida and Madhu. RK says this is my house, not her sasuraal. He says I understand everything, but not any proof, the day I get any proof, I will not leave anyone, be it my family or Madhu’s. Dau ji asks what do you want to say. Agni says he is threatening us. Dau ji asks them to talk when they have proof in hand. RK says I will bring proof for you.

Dida tells Madhu that she will light the diya, you go and rest. Madhu says no, you are unwell, you go ad sleep. Dida says fine and leaves. RK comes and asks Madhu what is she thinking. She says about Dida, the one I loved the most, and you, the hate the most. RK says I know when you said by keeping hand on Gita, but why did you save me. She says by humanity, I can’t kill anyone and can’t see anyone dying. He asks was it a plan to kill me or accident. She says I don’t know, but CCTV camera would have helped. RK says right, and says the day when everyone goes out, I will keep cameras here, then I will see what all goes on here.

Bhanu comes and brings a bag to them. He says great to see you gossiping. Bhanu says I came to give some work to Madhu, as she will sleep if no work is here, then you will punish her, so I brought some work, let her work and she won’t sleep. He asks her to check the bag. Madhu gets a box in it. She sees it has a gun and is shocked. RK says Madhu is not related to gun and bullets, why did you bring it. Bhanu says ask her to clean it, she will do this. RK says it’s a dangerous work, I will do it. Bhanu says no, she has to do this. RK says if she shoots someone then. Bhanu says yes, but she loves to play with risks.

He taunts Madhu and says lets see your mind works or bullet. RK asks Madhu not to take the gun and give her. Madhu says wait and says if Bhanu wants to scare me, I won’t be afraid, I will surely do this work. Bhanu says great. She cleans the gun. RK says are you mad. Agni comes there and smiles. Madhu takes another gun and cleans it. Bhanu thinks take this loose lever gun now. Madhu takes it out. RK looks at the gun. Madhu cleans it and turns to herself. RK thinks and quickly turns it. The bullet touches Agni’s hand and she gets hurt. She shouts. Bhanu is shocked.

Bhanu and RK have a lassi. Bhanu thinks you have less hours now Rk. RK falls on the bed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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