Madhubala 1st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 1st February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 1st February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu to relax n offers to call ambulance! Madhu asks him not to leave her and go! RK calls someone and asks to rush as Madhu is in pain! The person says hosp set nearby ..getting things! RK says to hurry! Everyone rushes with hosp stuff and make a makeshift delivery room..! Madhu holds RKs arm n says am scared! RK asks to relax and says all will be ok..! Doc comes! She asks RK to wait outside! Madhu says no..she doesnt leave RKs hand..! Doc asks to relax n RK reassures Madhu saying we will be together always..with out baby.! He steps outside..! Madhu screams inside the delivery room ..! RK is pacing around! Radha comes. n asks RK to relax..! She says am going to Madhu n Radha says she will check on Madhu! Right then they hear .. baby cries..and Radha brings the baby to

RK n says.. u have a daughter! RK is delighted! Flashback shown of Madhus birth..! RK asks if Madhu is ok? She says yes. .n notes down meds..! Radha says.. her face is like Madhu ..and RK says.. am so lucky have two Madhus.. one wife. .and one daughter!

RK and Radha come to Madhu with the baby ..! Madhu is emotional and happy seeing the baby..! RK and Madhu come n introes the place to Madhu..! RK says .. this is RK mansion where we stay! Madhu says. .to let the baby sleep! RK says get her up… this is CCTV where RK can keep a watch..! Madhu shushes him n go inside to meet Radha! Radha does the babys arti…! She is teary eyed! RK tells the baby .. a secret about ur mom and granny .they cry even in happy times! Sikky introes himself and Dips..! RK says .. better to stay away from them..! Radha chides him..! She asks Rishbala to take the baby in their room ..! Sikky says cute.. she smiled seeing me.. now i want one! Dips says..its not ice cream ..n if ur so eager.. give birth! Sikky says.. i cant do it.. just can help u..! Dips walks off..! Sikky says. .din say no. .guess in mood..!

RK looks at the cradle n says. .its too small .. how will she roam around here? Madhu says.. she is only 2 days..she doesnt need bed..! RK says.. just between me and baby ..dun interrupt..! Madhu says.. really? Now baby go in RKs lap n feed baby milk..! RK says.. she is only 2 days.. scared to take her in my arms! Madhu says.. really? RK says no.. n takes the baby in his arms..! Madhu asks how he is feeling? RK says love u .. Biwi .. thank u..! RK says. .romance time over.. now father-daughter time..! Hitler mom always scolds n papa is ur best friend..! RK shows the baby Bappas idol n says. .ur moms bestie.. always feeding him laddoo.. n troubling him! She asked u from him ..! Thank him..! RK shows the place where Rishbala hugged first time..! Madhu watches teary eyed..! RK says gonna give u a name like ur mom ..but promise not to cry..! Madhu asks what is he teaching her? RK says.. to be like me..! Madhu says be ready to take 2 hours to get ready. .see ur face 20 times..! Btw ur best friend the mirror..! RK says.. now this place where ur Bittu chacha. .drops in .. unannounced..! Bittu comes n is teary eyed.. n says.. happiness is here..! He says sorry to be late .. Lela was unwell..! Madhu says its ok! Bittu says am ur uncle! RK says.. chacha.. Madhu says mama . n Bittu says. .anything she wants she can call me..!! RK says.. when she grows up will tail u all over..demanding things! Bittu says will always be with her. n fulfill all her wishes..! RK says so will tail her too? Bittu says yes..! Madhu asks about Lela and Bittu says.. delivery in few days..! Baby cries and Madhu takes her aside to feed her..!! Bittu tells RK someone here to meet u…!

RK-Bittu come n see its Nikhil … n says. .Harshvardhans son in law..! RK says ur progress faster than technology! Nikhil calls Harshvardhan ..n intores to RK..! He offers gifts for RKs baby! RK asks to take seat n asks whats the deal? Nikhil says ..wanna bring todays hearthrob Abhay and yesterdays star RK .. together..! He says.. it will be a huge platform. .m producing. .! He talks of shooting ..! RK says.. so confident that RK will do it? Nikhil says. no one can say no to this offer! Abhay is todays superstar. .n people have forgotten u RK..! RK glares at him..! Nikhil says.. this industry only praises the successful people! Bittu says.. RK today also..! Nikhil says.. what am trying to explain.. RK has followed.. he needs a platform to return to the industry. .n we are giving that to him..! Harshvardhan tries to explain..! Nikhil says.. RK is an old player. .he knows it all.. ! RK is out of sight.. no interviews. .magazine.. no parties..! Nikhil says will handle the media myself.. wherever .. Abhays name is printed.. ur name will be mentioned..! We will make u stand again..! RK says .. Nikhil Lambha.. who used to bet .. on horses.. and win tips?? Old habits die hard! Nikhil fumes! Harshvardhan tries to intervene! RK says.. ready to do the film . but will co produce..! 50-50% partnership ..! Nikhil is delighted..! RK asks to make the partnership agreement..! Harshvardhan says Abhay will be delighted to work with u..! Nikhil says.. we will start shoot soon. .it will be a huge film …!! They leave..! Bittu asks RK what is he doing? This is a big project .. of 100 cr plus..! Should discuss! RK says ..doing everything after a lot of thot.. and still 2 months to go!

RK is playing with the baby.. n asks wanna go for walk? Madhu asks RK why he is not going on shoot? RK doesnt respond..!!

Part 2

Madhu asks RK u ignoring me? Bittu comes n says.. Harshvardhan n Nikhil are calling u ignoring..! Set is ready.. its creating loss for them and us too..! RK says know that.. ! He says can afford this.. but Nikhil cant.. and wont dream to become a producer again.. ! He wont dare to meddle with RK! RK walks off with the baby!

Harshvardhan asks Nikhil what kind of deal is this? Nikhil says.. RKis a partner too ..dunno what RK wants? Harshvardhan says.. dunno ..what he wants but wont give u another chance..! Nikhil fumes..! Baby is crying and Madhu is unable to calm her! RK says see how to do this. n makes faces..! Madhu says.. she is crying more. u r scaring her! RK asks u think am scary? Madhu says.. no.. but u scared her! RK says u said that..! Madhu asks baby to tell RK to go and he goes! RK comes with toy ..and baby is still crying..! Madhy asks baby to calm down! RK gets more toys.. but baby is still crying..! Madhu says sorry..! RK shows SRKs pic and baby stops crying..! RK says.. see got her silent. .n Madhu says.. SRKs magic..! RK shows Salmans pic.. Kareena Hrithik ..and baby is quiet.. staring at the pics..!! Madhu asks what kind of baby is this? Smiling seeing stars.. ! She says.. babys smile seeing toys. ! She wonders what will baby do ..! RK says.. she is superstar RKs daughter .. born in the studio n will be a superstar..!

Precap – RK- Madhu dance on mere hath me..! Both smile seeing Radha hold the baby..! Both kiss the baby..! Radha is holding the baby .. n is standing outside RK mansion..! She turns n sees the mansion blow up ..! She screams. NAHIII…!!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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