Madhubala 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th September 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu diverts talking of achar.. n RK excuses himself.. ! Pabho asks if Madhu wont go to see RK off.. n she rushes She instructs him not to shout on Mehul ..or other cast.. n RK says.. pack my water bottle n Madhu says ur in kindergarden

RK asks wont come to set? Madhu says.. u proceed will come… soon! RK hugs Madhu Madhu pushes him n blushes.. RK smiles n leaves!

Pabho asks Radha why wear such heavy clothes at home this age? Madhu says.. Radha is superstars mom … so ..has to deck up! Pabho says.. need a fresh start.. a special puja in evening so Madhu prepare for it..! Madhu wonders how to handle RK

The auditions are on .. n Roma is asking all to prep well … but it doesnt work well ..! RK fumes.. n so does Roma.. Mehul

is frustu..!

RK calls Madhu but phone is on silent.. he calls landline .. ! Dips offers to take care in Madhus place..!

RK says ..come .. he says.. ur my kala tika on kismat.. without which nothing works …reach studio right now..! Madhu says… its puja at home..! RK says.. will convince God! RK says..if u dun come will cancel all..!

Radha asks Madhu to go to studio … but Madhu says will check all then go..!

RK fumes ..girls competing for worst acting ..! RK wonders for Mehul whereabouts. .n he says.. all things are accidental. but things happen for a reason …!

Madhu in red saree and sitting in puja ..n her phone rings..but she ignores..! Pabho gives payal to Dips n Madhu ..! They like it..! Dips offers to help Pabho ..! Radha asks Madhu to go.. …she hesitates.. but goes..!

Roma teases Bittu .. asking chai peeyenge chimpu ji… he asks for poison! Mehuls crew say no proper girl yet.. its 2 days.. what does he want?

Dips brings all thal n other puja stuff…! Pabho asks about Madhu ..n Radha says.. Rishu called so went there n Pabho fumes! Mehul says.. my heroine is one..who looks heroine.. but is not one… is beautiful n special ..has pretty eyes… away from arrogance.. n is simple..

Roma tails Bittu n sings.. isi liye mammi ne meri.. chai pe bulaya hai..! Roma starts the smoke machine …

Part 2

Puja is over. ! Pabho says this is not right. .Madhu should not have left Puja like this.. seems… Radha is too lenient or has not taught her the manners..

Radha reasons… that RK called.. he needed Madhu..! Pabho says..this puja is for RK only … she wasnt gonna go there n make a movie? Men dont understand religion.. so women should remind them..! Pabho says have to be touf with Madhu .. Dips is delighted..

Part 3

Mehul notices someone entering … wearing saree.. open hair.. in darkness …He watches carefully on the monitor.. ! Her hair blows n she removes it from her face. .n Mehul smiles..! Its Madhu ..! All smile seeing her..! RK says glad ur here.. to support me.. ! Mehul watches them thru the monitor..! Madhu blushes.. as RK keeps looking at her. n smiles..!

Mehul says GOT HER … got the heroine of my movie.. !!

Precap — Mehul asks Madhu what she thot? Madhu says.. where is heroine? Mehul says.. U ..!!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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