Madhubala 19th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 19th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Amar tells Kuku that.. before placing bet one has to know.. whom we are betting on! Kuku says big dialogs wont work ..we have failed till now! Amar says RK will fall too..! He says need one who is on RKs side and supports us..! Kuku wonders who can it be? Amar says its kalyug.. we dun see things we dun price well ..!! Find a weak wall on RKs castle.. make an offer that they cant refuse

Simmys mom adds some meds in Madhus juice! Simmy asks what she is doing? Simmys mom ..says tit for tat..! That Madhu fed her nuts chocos.. now see what i do..!! Simmy says its not right..! Her mom silences her..! She asks Spot to get her good coffee ..!

RK-Madhu rehearsing dance steps..! Choreo says very good! Mehul says no rehearsals needed.. need it natural and spontaneous.! 5 mins

break called..! Mehul says we need to see sizzling chemistry.. as its intimate scene.. ! Simmy offers coffee to RK and says sitting free so thot to do this and want to learn acting from u..! RK says.. i think Madhu needs this coffee! Simmys mom stops him from giving her the mug.. she gives her the other mug! Madhu says not needed..! Simmys mom insists..! She says Madhu is a big heroine..n she should have some attitude.. not be so simple..!

Madhu is reading her script.. as Simmys mom keeps wondering when she will drink coffee! Madhu is about to drink when Mehul calls out to them saying shot is ready..! The duo head off..! Scene is being shot.. n its dark.. Madhu says lights? RK says.. wait..! They both are wet..! RK lights up candles..! He gives one candle to Madhu .. n both light up the room …with candles..! Rishbala eyelocks..! Both keep stealing glances while lighting up candles..! RK and Madhu move closer to each other…! Madhu asks so forgave me for the slap? So how to make it up to u? RK says think ..! Madhu says ask..! RK caresses Madhus face..! RK says one minute..! He puts on music.! Song- O rasiya! RK takes Madhus hand in his..! He pulls her close..! They start to dance..! Rishbala passionate eyelock..! They do the RK banner pose! RK pulls Madhus saree pallu and she feels conscious..! She keeps looking at the camera and the crew…! RK says.. Madhu its ur line! Madhu stammers..! Mehul says cut! He says.. first part WOW.. second part whats happening? Want confidence..!! Dun be scared..! Reshot ..

RK says relax.. am with u..! Scene starts ..! Duo move closer again .. Madhu again feels uncomfy ..! Mehul says closer.. and RK holds Madhus waist and she is again squirming! Mehul fumes..! He asks her what she is doing? He says its Karan in front of u not RK .. ur not Madhu .. need Anamika..!! RK says one more cut please..! RK says relax..!!

Part 2

Simmy says think Madhu is nervous! Simmys mom says fully..! She asks spot to get coffee for her! He does not respond! She says u r not go get it! He says its shoot time! She insists! He goes and gets the coffee of Madhu and gives to Simmys mom..! She says its cold..! She says fine will do.. n she drinks it..!!

Part 3

Take 10 is on ..! RK pulls Madhu closer..! Mehul screams pull her closer! He asks Madhu not to feel shy! Madhu is still struggling..! He asks Madhu to look in RKs eyes..! He asks her to put her arms around RKs neck! Madhu keeps struggling..! Mehul cuts it again ..! He says one more.. more confidence… !! Scene being shot again..! RK pulls Madhu closer and he touches her arms..then her back..he pulls open her blouse thread..!She is shocked and jerks off..! Mehul screams out… CUT IT! He asks Madhu what is happening? Where is the chemistry? This is a sensous song.. n here it looks she is feeding him poison! RK says.. listen..! Mehul asks RK what is the problem? Want Anamika.. ur not dancing with a stranger.. ! No more tears.. be strong. not a crybaby..! He screams PACK UP..! RK asks Madhu what happened? Madhu says wanna go home..! She is in tears..!

Precap — Pabho says to cut a tree.. attack the roots.. ! She says we tried to cut branches..! We tried to separate RK-Madhu but her true power is Madhu-Radha bonding! The day she loses it.. she will be left high and dry..! Dips is confused!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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