Madhubala 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Nikhil says this girl is a two-rupee person wearing 60s clothes and is not of the stature to be linked to AK! Madhu watches shocked and shattered and in tears! AK asks what are u saying? Nikhil says AK left films ..not repute.. why link them? Media asks who is this girl u know so much about? Nikhil says this girl is a staff family and on Holi .. servants are treated as family ..! Staff get carried away with free food.. drinks and she din even remember she is an employee..! He only acted like a good boss.. taking her to his room so that no one takes advantage of her..but media has turned it into a scandal..! Nikhil says.. this girl is an employee..! Media ask AK .. who stares at a crying Madhu..!

Dolly tells Bebe that remembered my Chandigarh. .here it took 2 hours to reach a

Gurudwara.. if my fave Bollywood wuldnt be here wuld leave this town..! She says had gone to Gurudwara and heard only noise! They meet Madhu who wishes them and walks off..! Dolly says how rude! Bebe says..guess AK told her something!

Media keeps asking AK to confirm the story ..! The media again asks AK if he din feel anything for the girl who was in his arms .. in wet clothes? The guy says.. maybe that girl wanted to be in ur bed! AK fumes and slaps the guy and attack him ..! The other media covers the matter! AK says how dare u think like this? This is ur thot about the girl? He says know why the girl din come? Coz of cheapsters like u ..who wuld sell her repute to all ..!

AK asks what did u think u wuld spread sensational news? Responsibility of media is to educate not senasationalize..! Learn to respect the public u feed all this news to.. . think of ur own mom .. ur sisters..! AK says guess u got all the spice for ur story. .go print whatever u want. .but remember when u mention that girl.. do it with respect..! Also my slap to the media guy (Parasher) is in retaliation to the disgusting things he said about a woman.. my staff … and remember before u print about it. .that it culd happen to u all and ur family members too!

All watch the news and Dolly-Ayesha say ..AK has never reacted like this before.. our Sanjeev Kapoor became Sunny Deol and all this is coz of Madhu! He has changed! Bebe says. yes.. it has.. earlier AK used to kick out his PA and today he defended Madhu infront of all ..! Dolly says.. yes. Madhu is the cause of all ..! Bebe wonders what is going on in AKs mind!

Madhu is walking on the road and recollects Nikhils rude words..! She says.. did what u taught me..Dida.. then why all this happened to me?

Tamanna says nothing has changed in AK ..he has become so short tempered..! Pam says.. AK was always short tempered but never raised hand on media..! Nikhil agrees.. n says. .did all this for Madhu .. but why? Annie says.. he should not have reacted like this..! Pam and Nikhil discuss about why AK din let Madhu come in front of the press? Nikhil suggests of talking to AK .. about this! Tamanna suggests to talk to AK later as he will be in bad mood..! She suggests to agree to AK’s every wish..!

AK comes to Madhu n says.. u din do anything that needs u to lower ur head in shame! Madhu says did u see how they pointed fingers at me and my character? Do u think i can face them? AK is quiet! Madhu says thats why i din wanna come in front of media! Madhu gets up to leave! AK says lemme explain..! He says know what Nikhil said was wrong ..! Madhu says it was my fault. .i shouldnt have come to Mumbai ..and ur room .. nor drink bhang..! Madhu says this is my mistake..i should be punished..! She says people should insult me.. i deserve this..! AK turns her around

Part 2

AK says u spoke a lot .. now listen to me! Let them speak what they want. .u dun have to worry about anything..! This is media.. they make stories out of anything..! Madhu says.. story will be that a simple girl was trying to trap her boss..! She says i dun wanna be great in front of u or the world but today the way i was humiliated .. was not right ..! Madhu says . .u have status.. we have only respect ! (Aap logo ke paas rutba hai. .aur humlogo ke paas sirf izzat hoti hai) .. ! She says .. today i lost that even! U wanted to fire me.. but coz of my compulsions u had to control .. today i will remove that trouble…u dun have to fire me.. today i m quitting..! Madhu say sorry sir and walks off..!

Media shows news about AK and his tiff with media..! Meanwhile Lela comes and says a rich drunk almost ran me over and Sweetie says.. see this AK …what he did..! She tells Lela about seeing Madhu at AKs place and shows the pic being shown on TV..! Lela says.. u mean this is Madhu? Right then Madhu arrives at the chawl ..! She looks at AKs poster and overhears chawl ladies talk about some rich guy and his girl issues! Madhu worries about how they mite know about the matter.. and she worries what to tell to Lela..! Lela says.. Madhu is pretty smart… she is working with AK despite knowing Bittu hates him? Sweetie says how will we know for sure? Lela says i will grill her..! Madhu comes right then ..!

Lela asks Madhu .. u have ruined our repute.. what if Bittu finds out? Madhu says.. what is being shown in media is a lie.. i do work with AK ..! I needed money for Radhas treatment .. n right then i got the job .. n took it! She says.. Sunny knows..! She explains about the Holi day mess..! Lela says calm down ..u work at AK’s place problems.. take Sweetie along in future …! Madhu is shocked..! Lela says.. dun stare.. i should stare … u hid such a huge thing! Madhu says sorry .. ! Lela says.. u culd have told about all this before that u work at AK’s place …! Madhu says that she quit …! Lela is shocked..!

Precap —- Bebe tells AK that he has changed ever since he played Holi ..! AK asks why saying so? Bebe says coz only Madhu can be so mannered and traditional and respectable ..and ur heart knows that..and u like her! She gives her bangles to AK to give to Madhu ..! AK is surprised..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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