Madhubala 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu is nervous and goes to pack her stuff..! AK watches her..! All the extras on set comment how Madhu looks like Madhubala Kundra and a lightman says how Madhu worked with RK in the movie Ishq Ek Junoon and was a great artist..! All comment that its strange that there is so much commonality..! AK glares at Madhu..! He walks to her and calls out to her..! AK announces that this is Madhu Devkinandan and has nothing to do with Madhubala Kundra..! All are surprised! He says only the face matches… she is from Mathura and is my P.A from today! AK says if u have any probs from her.. continue having them..! He says if all crap talk is over.. lets work..! He says we have 8 hours and 4 major shots.. so.. ! He asks for dialogs..! Madhu stands staring at AK ..! AK snaps his fingers

in front of her and says.. Dubara kabhi shot ke waqt phone nahi bajna chahiye.. Ms. Kamli..! Madhu says no.. my name is Madhu! AK says dun like ur name! Madhu asks what is my work? AK says a lot. .for now..get my phone from vanity van! Madhu asks what is vanity van? AK cribs that.. Nikhil had to go now only..! He says.. the bus where makeup is applied! Madhu says i apply Makeup too! AK says enouf. .do as told.. dun talk..! Madhu stammers.. n says my phone! She chats with PK that.. u must be enjoying.. its to my account only! She notices the vanity van n says.. one man and such a huge bus? Entire barat can fit in…! She enters and looks around and says.. wow what is this? From looks like  bus  but inside has all.. fridge.. tv..! Madhu says.. AK looks so nice. why put makeup..? She hears noise.. n tries to explain that she was only seeing! Its AKs spot boy! Madhu asks who is a spot? The guy explains. .the one to take care of AK’s stuff.. food.. clothes etc..! He introes himself as Balwinder.. n says u can call me Spot Dada..! Madhu asks him ..why does AK apply Makeup? The guy explains ..that its to ensure that the skin is not affected by strong light..! Madhu notices plateful of food…! Its all boiled stuff..! Madhu says its not fun .. will get food from home from tomorrow..! 

Madhu is about to eat and AK comes and holds her hand! He asks what are u doing? Why eating my food? Madhu asks this is ur food? Madhu says thank u PK! AK says..r u nuts Ms. Kamli .. this is my diet.. u r supposed to take care of it.. not eat it..! He makes her move aside and eats it..! Madhu asks u eat this everyday? R u sick? Did Doc tell u to eat all this? Madhu asks do u hv digestion issue? Madhu gives him digestion stuff n says.. this will cure u! AK fumes n says.. r u nuts? Go out and wait..! AK gives her .. his moby..! Madhu asks how does it work? Teach me…! Better.. give me the old phone! AK says..this is my phone… and 2 more..! Madhu says all 3? If u buy few more.. u can open a shop! AK glares..! AK says one phone is for… work.. one for famly … and another is ..when call comes ..u will understand! AK gives his specs to Madhu n she puts them on! AK says. ..whats ur probs? Eating my food.. using my phone n now my specs? Madhu asks near sighted or far sighted? AK says..this specs are for u to know and me to see.. no one outside should know..! He says am going for shot.. will eb back in an hour.. till then read the script..! AK says.. one more thing.. in one hour.. someone is coming to meet me.. the person should not know where i am. .if they do. .its ur pack up..!

AK leaves n Madhu is busy setting her hair..! AK comes back and finds Madhu setting her hair n says.. ur new in Mumbai.. work efficiently ..! AK leaves..! Madhu says.. what is with people these days? After spending so much money. buying phones without any buttons? Madhu says this script makes me feel m giving my  boards..! Right then a girl (Shalini) comes and Madhu remembers AKs words! The girl asks..who are u? Madhu says AKs PA! The girl asks Madhu to call AK and ask him to come to meet her! Madhu says he is gone.. to home! The girl asks.. why are u here? Madhu says.. recovering money for whole day..! The girl says fine. .will stay back..! Madhu stops her and says.. am on my way home..! The girl starts crying ..! She says AK promised to keep me happy forever but …he is avoiding me after last nite! Madhu feels bad..!
Part 2

The girl says fine.. just tell AK that i was here! AKs phone rings and Madhu asks her help ..! She says AKs mom messaged asking where are u? Madhu gives his address..! She types the message and walks off..! Madhu realises her folly and rushes behind her..! The director is explaining the scene to AK when Shalini comes.. and hugs AK! AK fumes on Madhu ..! AK asks why are u here? We were gonna meet for dinner! Shalini says … what dinner? U din even call me? AK says my PA din call u? AK calls Madhu and says.. despite my warning. .u din inform Shalini?U cant do one work properly .. ur fired..! Madhu is shocked..!

Part 3

AK says go home and relax…we will dine together.. ! Shalini is delighted and leaves! Madhu calls out to AK! AK says.. no need to explain anything..! Told u that girl should not reach me.. but u failed! Madhu says u were happy seeing her.. then? AK says shut up.. ur fired..! Madhu is stunned..! AK asks for his stuff from Madhu n she hands over his script and phones..! Madhu is walking off..! AK watches..! He says time for take..! Madhu says previous time when i was fired.. found out reason . .dunno the reason this time..! She rues..what will i do now? Madhu notices that she has AK’s glasses and recollects AKs words.. that its between them about the specs..! She decides to return it to AK herself..! AK is in between shot and Madhu comes to him..! AK says u din leave still? Madhu says wanted to give u something not in front of others! AK says fine . .go wait outside.. am working! Its late in the night. and Madhu is freezing ..! She notices AK and director walking outside..! Madhu calls out to AK..! AK asks u din leave? Madhu says u told me to wait so..! AK is surprised..! Madhu is scared .!

Precap — Pam asks Nikhil when did u return? Nikhil says.. this girl? Pam says AKs P.A! Nikhil says…her face is like…Pam says Madhubala Kundra..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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