Madhubala 18th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 18th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th October 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK says this is torture… Madhu says no .. ! He says all this is coz of Pabho .. Madhu says no..its my free will ..

RK decides to confront Pabho but Madhu says if u have faith that i can manage all .. work and home.. then lemme do..!

Madhu says.. its out bad time.. n it will run off..! RK says anyone who meets her falls for her..what if the bad times fall for her? Madhu pushes him..!

Next day morning.. Pabho asks where is RK-Madhu? RK carries Madhu in his arms towards the hall ..! Dips tells Pabho what is this? All plans flopping! RK asks for chair for Madhu .. n says hope can see Madhus feet is injured…

RK says Madhu got hurt coz she went for another puja.. for this home. n me..! Wanna say one thing .. esp to senior artist of this home.. Madhu

is no more just daughter in law of this house.. she is heroine of my movie. .n to expect she will do household work after working in movie.. is WRONG ..!! And this is last time she will be part of such a thing..! RK says from tomorrow.. Madhu will focus on work.. no more puja.. nor household work.. n it applies to ALL including u Pabho ..!

RK says on Visarjan day today.. am doing visarjan of Madhus housewife role.. n hope no one will try to go behind my back n change this..! RK asks Pabho to start the puja..! She glares at Madhu who is staring with pained eyes..! Dips tells Pabho that feel bad to see her being insulted by her own son .. n all coz of Madhu ..! She says its heights of being a henpecked hubby ..!

Radha asks Madhu to show her feet n Madhu says am fine .gotta rush to studio ..! She asks for Haldi n Pabho brings it..!She tells Madhu to listen to her.. n applies haldi on Madhus feet..! Madhu is nervous..! She seeks forgiveness from Madhu .. for thinking she is unlucky for RK …! She says how can a woman ..who is example of being ideal wife.. be wrong for her hubby ..who faced all pain to fulfill her task.! Pabho tells Madhu that..she respects Pabhos words and can do anything for RK . n this home… .!!

Pabho seeks forgiveness from Radha too ..n Madhu says u will make halwa-puri for me tomorrow..!! Pabho agrees! Dips says what an actress .. this Pabho is..!! Madhu leaves!

On the set.. RK says in the scene.. u lied to me.. told u dun like lies! Madhu says din want us to fight..! RK says.. thot i wont support u? Madhu says see ur behaviour.. u will understand..! She says u talk of support.. but dun support! She starts to leave n RK stops her n pulls her back..! Madhu says meri baat khatam hokar puri ho chuki hai. leave me..! She slaps RK..! RK says stop it..!! Scene is cut..! All clap..! Simmys mom fumes seeing the praise!

RK is fuming and Madhu comes to say sorry..saying Mehul told to slap for real..! RK says.. din think u will do this.. all unit saw and are laufihng at me..! RK says u made a fool of me..

Part 2

RK says like i m fooling u Madhu is angry n teary eyed n leaves! Mehul says .. go get her .. need her for next shot! RK says yes.. going.. she is just ur heroine but my wife.. !!

Simmys mom asks Roma to tell her about Simmys role in the movie!

Part 3

RK says.. Khush to bahut hui hogi tum haiin? Jo insaan make up room ki sedhi nahi chada aaj tumhare make up room me khada hai hain? RK asks.. whats my crime? Madhu says.. my hubby makes fun of me too much

RK says. Rishte me hum tumhare pati lagte hain …
Naam Rishabh Kundra..
Kaam … Tumhe Satana..

Madhu says ghadi ghadi drama karta hai sala..! RK teases her..! Both share smiles..! RK thanks AB ..! Madhu holds his collar n says next time AB wont be able to help u ..! RK says ask.. for life. will give u.. but not right to tease u! Rishbala eyelock – BG – Tu hi ishq mera!

Precap — Amar tells that they gotta find a person who is on RKs side but will support us! Simmys mom mixes something in Madhus drink ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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