Madhubala 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

AK stares at Mopu n recollects Madhus words to him ..! He has big smile on his face ..! Madhu comes n greets him ..! He asks how u feel? Madhu says..headache .. n AK asks know why? Madhu falls on her knees n says sorry. .dun remember anything.
AK asks nothing? Madhu says i blabber after getting drunk dun take it to heart… i dropped mopu … i m stupid.. irresponsible.. AK shushes her n gives her the Mopu! She blabbers with it n AK asks why call it Mopu? Madhu says its shortform..! Madhu hugs AK to thank him .. n Tamanna comes n is shocked to see them ..She asks him to come down as press is there..

Press ask him who was the girl with him? They all query AK n Nikhil asks them to relax..! AK asks what kinda question is this? Media says .. ur associated with

scandals n AK says.. am associated with u too .. u tried to get dirt on me.. but u culdn get any ..

Media guy says.. got all details of ur lover .. n how u use women ..AK says rubbish.. have always respected women n the media guy shows him the compromising pics with Madhu n asks what is this? He says heard the girl is ur PA .. Madhu is shocked n so is AK and others…! All ask AK to spill the beans..! AK says.. ‘Ang se rang apni PA ke sang’

AK almost reacts n Nikhil stops him n says.. will answer u in a while..! Madhu is scarred..! AK explains to Pam n all ..the matter.. how he helped Madhu to lie on the bed as she was high..! AK says cant think such things even about her! Tamanna asks him to calm down!

AK says he doesnt care about all this … crap! Tamanna says its about his image.. n repute..! Pam tells AK to make Madhu clear the air with media..! Nikhil too advises same..! Annie suggests to talk n sort it out .. Madhu overhears n says..cannot come in front of media.. as Radha will find out all ..!
Madhu rues that its all coz of her.. had she not drunk bhang.. all this drama wont have happened..! She wonders what to do?If she comes in front of media.. Radha will find out.. n if she doesnt AK will be hurt n in trouble..Annie says media is going crazy.. about whereabouts of AK and Madhu?

AK comes to Madhu … n asks her to come with him but she refuses..! She says the city she belongs to .. people there create storm if anyone raises a voice n if they see me with u.. Radha will be destroyed..Tamanna asks AK .. if he is coming with Madhu? AK says.. tell Madhu ..wont come in front of anyone ..! AK says no one saw Madhus face so it doesnt matter… if she comes before media or not.

Part 2

AK reassures her that he wont let her name come in front ..Tamanna tells Pam that he wont bring Madhu before all ..Pam asks why? She suggests to give extra money to Madhu ..Right then AK comes … n Pam asks him to reconsider ..AK says this is my problem.. i will defend it.. but no need to drag Madhu in all this..! Wont let anything bad happen!

Part 3

AK comes in front of media..! They ask about Madhu ..!AK says.. wanna know who the girl is? Well wont answer…Media asks why not? AK says .. the pics are not wrong .. but ur agenda is..!Media asks why protect her? Is she ur g.f?

Nikhil interrupts … n says.. ur talking to Superstar AK … the girl ur linking him with is a simple staffgirl … who is a 60’s behenji .. who spends time in this huge mansion ..!Madhu overhears n is shocked.. and hurt..! AK sees her .. !

Precap — Lela and Sweetie discuss how Madhu is too smart .. despite knowing Bittu hates AK … she is working with him! Right then Madhu comes and Lela asks her if Bittu finds out ? Madhu says.. not what u think work as AK’s PA!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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  1. Ohhhhh…. hw i luv the intimacy madhu and ak share….. they make up the best couple in colors after zain and aaliya….

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