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The Episode starts with Agni and Leela trying to spoil things in Bhabhi and Sanjay’s marriage. RK manages the talk. RK says this is my sister Agni and makes good coffee. Sanjay says he will have. The waiter brings it and Agni says it came, I will make some other time. RK tried to send Agni in and asks her to go and get camera. Agni looks at Leela and leaves. Sanjay’s parents wait to see Bhabhi. His mum asks where is the bride. RK says if Leela is here, how will the bride come. He asks Leela to go and get the bride. Leela gives a fake smile and leaves.

Tara and Madhu make Bhabhi ready. Madhu gives her Kanha idol and asks her to pray. Bhabhi cries and thinks of Madhu’s supportive deeds towards her. Tara thinks how Bhanu ill treated her and prays. Madhu prays thinking about RK’s wish to marry

her again. Leela comes and says Sanjay came, come in mandap now. Bhabhi keeps the idol there and goes downstairs in the living room. Madhu and Tara bring Bhabhi and everyone smile seeing her. Bhabhi meets Sanjay’s parents and touches their feet to take their blessings. Agni takes the photos. The pandit calls Sanjay and Falguni Bhabhi in the mandap.

They sit in the mandap and the pandit starts the marriage mantras and rituals. He asks who will do the kanyadaan. RK looks at Dau ji. Dau ji says I will do my daughter’s kanyadaan and everyone smile. Dau ji does the kanyadaan. Sanjay and Falguni get married and RK thinks of his and Madhu’s marriage. He smiles. The pandit asks them to take the pheras and they take while the mantras play. Bhabhi and Sanjay takes everyone’s blessings. Bhabhi cries and hugs Madhu.

RK holds Madhu’s hand and says wait I will just come. Ishq hai………….plays………… Madhu smiles. Ankhiyan mile ka channa………………plays………… RK brings her bridal ghunghat and makes her wear it. He brings garlands and they exchange it. Madhu says who will make us do the pheras. He says the heart which has love has Lord in them, Lord will make us do it. RK holds her hand. Taare hai baraati……………plays…………… They look at each other and smile.

RK makes the promises while taking the rounds, to give her happiness, never lie and cheat in life, alays earn by hardwork and honesty, if Yamraj comes to her, he will stand infront of Yamraj, they will walk together matching steps, whatever happens, we will never be apart and seventh vow is to make her life beautiful. Hum hai tere deewane……………….plays…………… Madhu smiles and hugs him. RK holds her and smiles.

Dau ji asks why did RK not come till now, its bidaai time. Leela says yes, I was also thinking this, I think RK and Madhu are together, they should think we are waiting. She asks Dau ji to do her bidaai. Bhabhi says I regarded Madhu as my sister, she will surely come. Dau ji says yes there can be any problem. They are surprised seeing Madhu and RK as groom and bride. Agni and Leela burn with jealousy. RK and Madhu walk to them smiling. Tara says great, you both look bride and groom, RK says Dau ji you wanted this, and I took pheras and wore Pagdi, now bless us. Dau ji happily blesses them. Sanjay says if this was the plan, we would have taken pheres together. RK asks Agni and Leela why are they worried. We did not plan, decided instantly to start a new life. Bhabhi blesses them and Madhu hugs her. Sanjay says my parents are waiting, we should leave now. Dau ji asks him to take care of Falguni. Sanjay greets everyone and leaves with Falguni.

Madhu says Dau ji, you gave a new life to a widow, you did a new start, now see everything will be fine. Madhu and RK smile seeing each other.

RK holds Madhu’s hand and they both cry and smile. She hugs him. Hum hai tere deewane…………….plays………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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