Madhubala 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th February 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Sunny asks AK why is she pouting.. she is AKs biggest fan! He says how AK will be in front of her whole day.. why show such a sad face?Take the job

Madhu says lied to Dida.. n now Bittu. .dunno how long hv to keep lying! Sunny says lying is an art.. also a lie that can save someone is better than 100 truths..!

Sunny asks for sweet treat n Madhu says what? Sunny says halwa

AK is pouting n Pam says relax…

Badi Bebe comes.. n taunts Pam n says what did u do now? Btw heard u appointed new PA? Pam says.. media did.. not me..

Pam says just counselling AK … Badi Bebe says.. why doing so much buttering.. btw.. u urself get appointed as AKs sect… but then who will ruins AKs money like u do?

Pam says.. u can check AKs accounts… Bebe

says.. u can do this at a snap of ur finger.. so whats the point? AK says enouf.. n Bebe walks off n so does Pam..

Madhu is making halwa.. n Bittu says smells really gud… cook fast..! Even Madhu used to make food like this..! Sunny says if Lela or Sweetie comes.. cooking will be ur job..! Sweetie comes n Sunny taunts her

Pam is in her room n AK comes .. n Pam says sorry for the goings on..! She asks do u think i mean bad for u? AK says.. u were always there for me.. n dad…! Pam says Bebe? AK says she doesnt understand..! He says love u mom .. n walks off…! Annie is standing there.. n fumes on Pam..!

Pam says dun over react..we need to be cautious.. AK is helping us.. so we need to ensure not upsetting him … even i hate Bebe..!

Annie says am glad that new PA looks like Madhu so AK doesnt get any peace of mind!

Madhu is chiding Radha for giving blank call on her cell ..! AK is trying to calm Bebe..! Asks her to feed him prasad n does..! AK says loved the idol? Bebe says.. my bahu gave..

Madhu says.. wont stop blabbering … u keep quiet! Talks of meeting her boss! Radha asks to take care.. of herself.. her hair.. n Madhu asks Radha to take care of her health..

Madhu sticks her spec with glue..!

Part 2

Madhu arrives at the Sitara studio … ! Stops in front of Bappas idol n prays!

As she steps inside… flashbacks of Madhu shown..

Part 3

Madhu says feel like i have been here before..! Its dark.. n AK is shooting…! Madhus moby rings.. – Kamli ..

AK fumes.. walks to Madhu n breaks Madhus phone… ! AK tells Madhu ur phone should be silent or will be made silent..

AK goes to shoot.. n Madhu says.. Mr. Todu Kapoor… broke specs.. moby n now me..!

A prop is about to fall on AK and Madhu dashes n pushes him away.. n saves ..

Precap —- All on set comment that Madhu looks like Madhubala Kundra..! A lightman there praises her n AK fumes..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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