Madhubala 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Madhubala 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th October 2013 Written Update

Roma sees Madhu’s bruised feet . She asks her how did this happen & Madhu says its nothing just some minor injuries she attained whilst going to Mandir . Roma urges to tell this condition to RK but Madhu requests not to do so as it’ll add only to his woes . Roma smiles ironically & Madhu takes a promise from Roma that she won’t tell RK . Roma agrees reluctantly . After some time Madhu comes dressed & the choreographer explains her the steps . Madhu starts doing but due to the bites all over her feet she struggles to get steps right . First she excuses that its coz of her dress that she stumbled over but it happens again n she asks for some time to do something abt the bruises . She leaves the place however the bruises bleeds a bit leaving imprints on the floor that is observed

by everyone on sets inclusive of RK . RK senses something amiss , also Madhu limping so he suggests that Mahul sir’s suggestion was right to call it a day . Madhu & RK head home .
Dips comes to Pabho overjoyed that Madhu is injured but Pabho says its not good as had she not completed the task that wud have been real victory as Madhu wud have left RK’s life in self – shame . Dips says but being injured Madhu won’t b able to resume shoot & thus will bid bye to RK’s film . However Pabho fails to get her point across & leaves . Later Radha enters Pabho’s room & suggests that Pabho shd stop this torture on Madhu as she’s suffering physically coz of this . Pabho determined in her stand refuses staking RK’s life & the fire that happened coz of the “girl’s shadow” . Radha disagrees saying it was Madhu’s prayers that prevented from any mishap . Pabho irritated tells Radha to “open her eyes” & just coz RK dun call her mom she shd not forget her responsibility for her son , Radha feels hurt at Pabhos’ words & leave .

RK-Madhu come home & Pabho spills the fire on RK’s sets thus Madhu comes to know as well . Radha sees her feet being bruised & tells Madhu how this happened ? Madhu tells its nothing serious but Radha asks her to rest & sends warm water & antiseptic.

Madhu closes her eyes & takes rest ; she feels something wet on her feet . Madhu sees RK who looks at her bruised feet . She tries to shy away but RK tells that she’s selfish , she wants to tolerate all pain & hurdles by herself . Madhu says so is RK ; he did not think it prudent to inform abt fire on his sets . RK takes promise from Madhu that henceforth she wud not undertake anything that will render her in this condition as he cannot see her like this . RK tends to Maadhu’s bruises by dipping her feet in warm water , cleaning & nursing it with antiseptic & bandage . RK questions Madhu Y she undertook this course & Madhu fumbles . RK however tells her that he knows Madhu’s doing it on Pabho’s insistence right . Madhu looks at RK surprised & being caught .

RK announces Madhu is not only his wife but the lead actress of his film so from now on she won’t participate in any household chores & this instruction applies to all inclusive of Pabho

Update Credit to: RageOfAnAngel

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