Madhubala 17th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 17th March 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 17th March 2014 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu says my question is ‘Maine pyaar kyun kiya’? AK stares at her! Madhu says.. Friendship should start with .. no sorry . .no thank u and no pyaar! She says when i talk of love.. i hear violins. .dun u hear them? Violins.. dhol . .nagada..! AK says.. i can hear and see too! Madhu asks where? Tamanna starts to perform .. on ‘Asalam-e-ishqum’ ..! All watch happily …! AK smiles..! Bebe is searching for AK ..! She sees Madhu sitting and watching ..! Bebe comes to her n says she is here. .but.. n sees Madhu smiling blankly! Bebe asks where she was and what is the matter with her? Madhu asks what is the matter? Bebe says.. Syapa..! Bebe says.. told u to get AK ready to play colors.. but who is this titli ..! AK is with Tamanna..! Madhu says she will manage..! Bebe says go..

soon and hugs Madhu n kisses her forehead..! Madhu starts to perform .. Dance pe chance marle..! She is pulling AK around ..! Tamanna glares at her! She walks down the stage and makes AK dance.. n he joins her.! Bebe watches happily while Pam n all glare! Tittu suddenly starts dancing n pulls Dolly along ..! BG-Panjabian di battery ..! All are enjoying and Madhu keeps blocking Tamanna from coming near AK ..! Madhu quietly goes and applies color on AK..! AK is stunned..! Bebe has tears in her eyes..! Madhu drools on AK ..n suddenly falls in his arms! AK-Madhu in RK banner pose..! BG-Adha ishq..! Madhu keeps dancing and AK guides her to the mansion! Bebe smirks at Tamanna and dances along..!

At the mansion, AK helps Madhu to sit on his bed n gives her some meds to take..! Madhu says no need! AK insists..! Madhu drinks! AK says.. speak out …! AK asks r u ok? Madhu says no.. am very very ok …! She almost trips from the bed and AK holds her ..! AK asks u drank thandai? He adds bhang in it..! Madhu says.. a lil ..! AK fumes..! Madhu says.. dun say anything about him ..he is my bestest friends hubby .. n if anyone says anything about him wont tolerate! AK asks u and Dolly best friends? When? Madhu says yes.. at Holi Party..! She says how Dolly fed her pakodas n she too fed her..! AK says am sure.. there was Bhang in pakodas! Madhu says u r so serious.. u think all the time.. always..! Today is Holi ..u din even wish me! She cries..! AK says calm down. .m not serious.. n wishing u happy holi..! Madhu wishes him too! AK asks Madhu to sit there n says sending Ayesha to u..! Madhu pulls his hand n says have something to say to u! AK says wont be less than a long story ..speak out! Madhu says wow.. ur so intelligent. .thats why .. ‘maine pyaar kiya … haan haan .. maine pyaar kiya’ ..! AK watches Madhu is smiling happily ..!

Tamanna is setting her hair n notices Annie fuming! She asks the matter? She says am ok..! Tamanna asks the details? Annie says a bit confused! Tamanna asks about what? Annie says about AK ..! She says sometimes AK is so caring .. and supportive and sometimes cant care less. .dunno if we are doing right with him! Tamanna says.there is a rule in science.. survival of the fittest.. ..we have to adapt to survive.. n am ur friend still taking money from u to get this work done…! Nikhil says true.. if AK cared so much ..he wuld have agreed to our every wish..! We are doing the right thing! Tamanna tells Nikhil to take care of Annie always..he says sure! Nikhil asks whats the next plan? Pam says.. i will tell u..!

AK tells Madhu think its too late.. lemme drop u off home! Madhu keeps holding his hand n says.. sit.. will tell u a story..! She says since childhood.. i am ur big fan.. ever since i was a baby .. u were my crush ..! As in u still are my crush today..! She says not telling u all this to make u feel old .. sorry..! Dun be angry..! Madhu says.. even if u grow old.. u will look too handsome..! Madhu says.. i grew up watching ur films.. when u cried.. i cried.. when u smiled.. i smiled..! Madhu says.. when u beat up goons. .no one whistled as much as me.. n Mopu n PK .. i used to ask only one thing from them. to get to see u ..and today am here.. working with u. .playing holi with u. . am so lucky ?! AK watches her with a smile..!

Part 2

Madhu says there may be many people in the world who heard u say I love u .but that day in the make up room u said i love u to me! Madhu is teary eyed n says i know it was lines from a script but u .. u looked me in the eye and said.. I love u to me.. me .. Madhubala DevkiNandan..! Madhu says .. i love u .. n after i love u .. u called me on the date..n i know it was drama to ward off that chipku fan but .. that drama.. is part of my memory..! She says first time.. my heart broke. .it hurt me.. n u hurt me… u .. Superstar Abhay Kapoor..! She says.. many of my small happiness is connected to u.. and if u ever need anything lemme know.. i will do it for u.. am indebted to u . .n not for the fact that u gave me home.. n advance. but u gave me lots of happiness too ..! AK is moved hearing all the words..! Madhu says.. there are so many memories with u.. . fighting. .smiling.. everything..!

Part 3

Madhu asks AK to tell driver to drop her off at home..! AK says sure…and she asks for her bag n he gives! Madhu starts to check her bag n drops the Mopu ..! AK is walking out of the room and suddenly Madhu faints n falls on the floor..! AK rues.. she never can do anything without tripping..! AK helps her to get up and helps her to lie down on the bed! A camera takes their pic..!Madhu enter back home …and thanks that no one is home to see her in this condition! She rues about all the mess she created..! She rues about her headache n wonders what to do.. n searched the bag for baam..!She searches for her Mopu n cant find it..! Madhu rues that on Holi .. people shower colors n here only troubles are raining! She regrets that.. earlier lost PK and now Mopu  .. .is it a bad omen!

Precap — Press and Media are at the mansion ..question AK about who was with him the previous nite? AK asks what is the matter n why they are asking such questions? The media shows AK the compromising pics of him and Madhu on his bed..! AK is shocked..! Madhu watches from afar shocked as well..!

Update Credit to:Armu4eva

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